Monday, November 17, 2008

My weekend at Vimala's House

Saturday morning at about 8:45am Vimala called "Hey wake up, are you coming?" I answered the phone hastily and said "ya ya I am". I better not miss it this time as I felt I should keep in touch with this childhood friend of mine and understand more of her life now.

Slept late a day before due to family issue. I woke up and pack, inform my mom of what I am going to do and where I am going. then I head off to Gombak. My mom didnt want to go JB, so I decided to carry on with my plan and I didnt plan to call also anyone in JB also, would not know what is the right thing to say so I rather not.

Really not sure how is the weekend going to be like, quite some time never spend so much time with Vim. Vim hubby not around, went for treasure hunt, a company affair and she is waiting for me together with her son, Neghan who by now know how to call me "Kai Ma" means Godmom and according to his mom, he is very hyperactive. Yes I suddenly have a God Son. It started cos I just want to teach him some chinese word, but since he starting to call me seriously from then onwards I think its ok and felt I should give him some positive good advice here and then, ofcourse those learning from other mothers hahahaha. I am very careful not to give wrong advice to kids, if not sure I better keep quiet. Buddhism teaching better keep quiet, than say the wrong thing.

When I finally reach, they were having breakfast and I joined along. My friend made Roti Canai with very nice red "sambal curry" that have beancurd, brinjal, tomato in it. Her Roti Canai is not like the restaurant one la, similar to the one you bought in supermarket though, which I think good enough but the sambal curry is fantastic.

Then we talk about what we going to do, we didnt really have any fixed plan and she doesnt seem keen to go for Genting, which I am glad too cos I am not keen to go Genting and spend a lot of money also. She suggested foot reflexology in Bukit Bintang Walk street and hanging out at Starbuck nearby BB Walk cos she got FREE RM50 voucher which she can use without paying a single cent. I was like WOW..! great man.. this is unexpectedly better than just going to Genting and lose money.

First we sent her son to Piano lesson, then we went to clinic so I can get cured for my sore throat, coughing badly and husky voice. We then sat down at a chinese coffee shop and had a bit of dim sum so I can take the medication immediately. Then we went to pick up her son and go back to her house.

And so I waited for Vim to dressed up and then drop her son at Vim's parent house. Then both of us went out, we tried the foot reflexology and decided to go for the one hour package since the lady offer us free neck and shoulder massage if we take that package. It was very comfortable until almost then end I felt pain of and on but I never make much noise, according to that massage lady I dont take food on time and maybe due to I dont sleep early. I was thinking to myself that time, hard to achieve this in the modern world nowadays where work, stress, pressure, multi tasking is a norm. I just need to find a place for stress release lo, like gym, massage, visit beauty saloon to constantly staying on track with my look makes me feel better. I also think I should try to take food on time, I remember a business partner I met, wow she even set alarm on her mobile to remind her to take lunch, its a daily routine for her.

After Vim and I left the massage parlour we drop by at a boutique shop along the BB Walk street and shop. We bought earings and I bought a very colourful necklace. I thought maybe I just be bold about colors now and not just black and white all the time. Oh man... enough about being so professional I think I need a colourful life back, I need a change. So we were happy with the things we bought and the price was really cheap. I didnt spend much but I get a lot, you know how that feel right :D

We then went to Starbuck Coffee shop and we ordered Noir Chocolate Classic Cake, Blueberry Cheese Cake looks really cool, Sausage Mayo Bun, Signature Hot Chocalate, Tuna Mayo Toast Sandwich. Pictures in my mobile but cant get it out yet :( the food was great and its FREE yeah we feel great. When we were happily eating the food, I told my friend "You know what? you kept your promise after 22 years of friendship, you finally come out and hang out with me, OMG dreams come true ahhaha"

She finally get to do girls hang out, she is a friend that I can only hang out at her house only, she always care & respect what her parent think and then when she married she is concern what her parent in law think and how her husband would think, which I think turn out pretty good thing for her, that explain why she have a good marriage and a nice home and now that she sorted out her youth life she can now finally do something for herself, now she enjoy life much better as she is earning her own money and just spend happily with the right conscience. No one would dare to say anything wrong about her, as she fulfilled her duty as a daughter, a wife and a super mom. I guess by now, I dont think its a bad thing after all, Vim did pretty well for herself and I did pretty well for myself lol although she is the only one married with kid la lol...

Anyway after that we decided its getting late and we head back to pick up her son. Then together we went to Giant, and then Wasbudi at Gombak to get groceries for cooking Yee Mee. She wanted to learn to cook Cantonese Fried Yee Mee from me and I wanted to learn make Tose and Curry Dhall from her. Later at her home I show her how I cooked the Cantonese Fried Yee Mee and then she thaught me how to prepare the Tose ingredient as I gotta leave the Tose overnight after I blend the whole ingredients. I am quite happy she like my Cantonese Fried Yee Mee hehehe. She said she will make for her hubby, I hope to receive good response though lol.

The next morning, we woke up and make Tose for breakfast and we cooked the curry dhall together in which I learn a lot of things. Then we drop her son back to her parent house and we went to Sentul Pasar. I was quite glad to see some of the old folks doing food business in the market is still there. I met a lot of old acquantaince and I say hi to them, they were shock to see me cos they only remember I was a fat little girl back then, everyone say I so slim and tall now. Heheheheh actually they dont know I put on weight again. I update them about Kupoh that she is doing well after her leg operation and everyone is fine.

I also saw my second auntie there who try to give me her homemade kaya for free, but I insisted to pay her. I dont feel comfortable taking things for free, plus she doesnt earn much selling those items. I just thought I should just say hi as a respect to my relatives. Anyway my auntie seems busy at that time as there was a young girl fainted and there were a lot of people surrounded her and already giving lots of help, so I went off with Vim. After we finish doing all the marketing at the wet market, we shared a plate of Fried Kuey Teow Mee from that very old stall which I just want to remember the feeling of eating at that market in the morning again. Aaahhh, now its not smelly cos the chicken area is not out there anymore. I would want to go back one morning and eat the old folks stall there again. I hope I can get someone to go with me la.

Then I drop by again at my second auntie stall, bought stuff from her and bid her goodbye. My friend and I went to another shop outside the market area where I bought claypot, ingredients for tose and beautiful puttu design that will go well with my punjabi clothes or future saree. I just like to explore traditional clothes, I find it more interesting and colourful. Now I only have one Punjabi and one Kebaya. Cheong Sum not yet la, not slim enough sigh...

Then we head back to Gombak again, she cooked and all. I was playing bubble with her son, then I guess everyone is tired out as we all dozed off at the living room. Then I woke up, have dinner, show her some pictures from my laptop, then suddenly electricity black out, then after some time electricity came back and so I packed up and bid them goodbye.

I am very proud of this girl friend, she is a very responsible mother and a very discipline person herself. She is the only person I know got a biological clock that can make herself wake up at 6am in the morning, cook breakfast and make lunch pack for her family and son before going to work. Come back from work do housework, take care of her son and plan her things to do the next day. Wah sound so tiring right, but she can do it and she enjoy that her son eat her own cooking.

Come to think of it, I am quite blessed with good influence friends, most of my friends are doing very well for themselves, mostly have good positions in MNC companies.

Head back home, suddenly saw my car darn dirty mann. Aiyoh after raining days my new car look so darn dirty and full of dust. So I had to wash my car and my wonderful nephews Benson came and help me. So after washing my car, we wash his Kancil also. Yeah we felt good after washing our cars.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Achieving a new skill soon :)

How wonderful, I found a VB.Net and ASP.Net Teacher. Plus I think I asked the right person, this person has all the training documents, follow my affordable budget and I think will be very patient with me. I have been thinking for a long time. My programming teacher will be teaching me daily after work from Monday to Friday, but flexible schedule as long as each topic is covered for that day.
Great... I hope I can pick up fast like last time. This will be a good skill to add to my cv profile. I would be able to do my job better than now as communicating with technical will be better and this adds up to my confidence. Cool...!

After this, my profile will be more attractive and strong. A Business PM with Technical knowledge is a bonus!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cheapest way to travel from KL Sentral to KLIA

( this article taken from

Do you know that you can travel from KL Sentral to KLIA for as low as RM12.50 instead of the normal fare of RM35.00?Can't blame you for not believing that this is possible.A closer examination on the ERL fare structure using the link below will reveal the following weakness
* Sentral(1) --> Bdr. Tasik Selatan(2) RM 4.20
* Sentral(1) --> Putrajaya(3) RM 9.50
* Sentral(1) --> Salak Tinggi(4) RM 12.50
* Sentral(1) --> KLIA(5) RM 35.00

But, Bdr. Tasik Selatan --> Putrajaya RM5.30 Putrajaya - -> KLIA RM6.20So to save money on fares

1. Either take the ERL to Putrajaya for RM9.50. Get down and buy another ticket from Putrajaya to KLIA for RM6.20. Total cost works out to RM15.70 instead of RM35.00 The inconvenience is having to wait for the next train for about 15 mins (peak) or 20 mins (non-peak). But the substantial saving of RM19.30 per person may be worthwhile.


2. Take the Komuter to Bdr. Tasik Selatan for only RM1.00. From here take the ERL to Putrajaya for RM5.30. Get down and buy another ERL ticket to KLIA for RM6.20. The total costs add up to only RM12.50 instead of RM35.00. This option is cheaper by additional RM3.20 but the additional hassle may not be worth the additional saving.

ERL is banking on the fact that despite this apparent weakness in the fare structure, nobody will take advantage of it mainly because everybody is in such a hurry nowadays!

But then who knows, with escalating prices, more people may take advantage of this in future.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Last weekend trip was so cool and full of suspense

THE GLASS SHADE HOUSE at Serendah Sekeping
Been keeping this blog for a long time, I just release it. Let the picture represent what I want to say. Its a lot of fun and I felt good after the trip.
I wanted to write a lot of things, but busy with project lately, so let the picture tell my story :) .

Amazingly beautiful glass house in a forestry area.

The pool at Serendah Sekeping
BBQ at the balcony of the glass shade house.

Lata Kinjang Waterfall. We drop by there before heading back to KL. It was my birthday present.

Who Ate My Marshmallow...!?

Work late today then still went to gym, came back home very hungry. Thought I munch some marshmallow but its gone. The plastic cover is seen in the dustbin. Ask around, found out Benson has a craved for marshmallow, I think so cos he wallop the whole bag. Anyway its ok I had one yesterday together with Kei Kei. Thanks to the person that bought it for me :) I like cos I didnt expect, but then I got. yeahh..!

Told Celine I am gonna blog about the above title header and she was like "good, you are heading to the path of becoming a true blogger" Heh? well not sure about that. I just feel like blogging a lot this month. Partly cos I felt anything I want to say, no one can stop me or feel offended here and I can really pour out & then I am able to reset myself again. Recharge and get going. Also I feel like sharing things with my family members who care. I think its cool that all my family members blog, its really easy to keep in touch with you all.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Back to work after an amazing and wonderful weekend at Serendah

I had the most amazing and wonderful weekend. Today get back to work, but feeling good. Still thinking about the Serendah trip, but I had to tell myself "Stop! now I am back to work, so lets focus on getting things done". I had to think like that, this month is an important month that I had planned for the project. I am going to see that it complete successfully. Thank God my request was approved, my colleagues from other state flew in.

Monday morning as usual I receive calls from clients, dealing with questions everyday. I have begun to feel more relax in handling things at work and just treat it like my normal work routine.

Waited for them to let me know when they reach, well it never came. By lunch time I could not wait any longer, I send sms and I got a reply that they have reach KL and is checking in to the hotel. Alright I happily enjoyed my lunch session with my colleagues, had Nasi Kerabu today at Ulang, seems to be visited by Ah Sien from Astro before. The taste is ok only. My colleagues like the fried chicken though and they quite happy with the whole set package. I tasted better Nasi Kerabu but I forgotten where, mmm maybe its at the food court inside Maybank building, located in Pudu, behind the indian temple.

Back to office, they finally arrived and collected the laptop. Oh god why one of them wear so casual as if going to play baseball. I encourage and drove them back to hotel to change and be more prepared. Then, we went for meeting. Meeting was quite lengthy, end about 7:30pm. Drove them back and I head home straight. Yeah its too late and I got no mood for gym, I wanted to rest.

You must be wondering why am I blogging still, just dont want to forget what I wanted to write hehe and I want to remember this day in future for my own reference la :P . Quite sleepy now, hit the bed now. ZZZzzzzzzzzzz........

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

There's a hero

Its a great motivation song. Heard this song from a friend, she played it in the car and then my niece Celine played it for me too :) thank you for your comfort. This song became more significance to me when I hear it this time.

By Mariah Carey
There's a hero,
If you look inside your heart,
You don't have to be afraid of what you are,
There's an answer,
If you reach into your soul,
And the sorrow that you know will melt away.

And then a hero comes along,
With the strenght to carry on,
And you cast your fears aside and you know you can survive,
So when you feel like hope is gone,
Look inside you and be strong,
And you'll finally see the truth that a hero lies in you.

It's a long road,
When you face the world alone,
No one reaches out a hand for you to hold,
You can find love,
If you search within yourself,
And the emptiness you felt will disappear.


Lord knows,
Dreams are hard to follow,
But don't let anyone tear them away,
Hold on,
There will be tomorrow,
In time you'll find the way.


That a hero lies in.....you______Ooohh that a hero lies

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Myvi is ready for collection and Deepavali coming :)

Yahoo..! :D I got news today that car loan is approved and my car has arrived. Its ready for collection yeah...! Ofcourse I am going to miss the Volvo, its such a cool car, but its not mine.

My silver lady gone, now I am getting Lady Pearl myvi.. new model. Work is so hectic this few days, but I been able to work at night and have good focus so no more pressure.

I am looking forward to my Melaka friend Birthday weekend hang out and Deepavali now, my childhood friend Vimala kept reminding me that it is my duty every Deepavali I show up at her house and I am suppose to block the whole day of my time to be in her house only. So I told her better prepare a room for me to sleep and we chit chat cos I am coming alone this year, and make sure cut off all the fat when cooking the mutton cube curry, cook some sambal and fried a lot of appalam. She reacted "Wahh you think hotel ar!" lol but ofcourse after all the noise in the end she said ahh ok ok sure... then she said "make sure dont bring cake this time" haha lucky still got one childhood friend. Mmm what to get ahh this year, Donuts & Wine? Somehow childhood friend can accept whatever bad things you say and they never get angry and they just know that you dont mean it. Even our communication sucks at time didnt give the proper message, we understand and just dont bother about details or trying to proof each other wrong.

Although long time we didnt see each other we always still have a close bond. Ahhh... i remember those days where we use to take pictures infront of a 'jamban' or behind other people house garden, cos we are shy then and dont want people to see us when we taking pictures so we have to hide ourself until like that.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday Outing - Hari Raya Open House

I parked at Jaya 33 and then waited at the entrance. My old friend which I have not met for a long time show up with her new Atos car. She lost a lot of weight and she look better now. She also said I look good too, thank you. Anyway after that... Hari Raya open house at Dr. Malek house was fantastic, food is good prepared by his wife (first time I tried daging dinding, that was a hit but the dish is black color) and Dr. proudly giving us a tour in his house and showing the design of his house which is something that I like too, very classic and elegant. The house structure seems so familiar, I remembered later that it was the same as Lea's friend house from AsiaWork where Wan took me there before. We took some pictures here for rememberance, actually I wanted it to put in this blog but havent been able to get the pictures out from Emme's mobile yet. (Correction, got it on 21 Oct :) , maybe my friend saw what I wrote he he... )

We then hang out at Sunway Pyramid. I had a very fulfilling marshmallow hot chocolate drink at the World of Waffle and we share an ice-cream waffle. I think we spend about 2 hours or more having gf chit chat. [wow..long time never do that].

We went to check out a few shops after that. I didnt know sunway pyramid can get so many evening wear type of shops, some are too grand for casual wear. Well in the end I just went to IT area and bought my HP printer ink, finally got to buy it.

Saw the time closing to 10pm, my friend drove me back to Jaya 33 and I jump back into the volvo and then head to Sungai Wang to look for the Yap princesses, Mun Yi and Celine. Parked at Lot 10 and parking is RM15, cos VIPs, Jason special instruction "Park in a wide space and safely ok, no dont park in KL Plaza!".

I waited at the Bon Ton and sipping my flat white coffee which actually not bad. Finally, the Yap princesses came out from Coronade Hotel with 2 of their friends. Treat them McDonald McFlurry ice cream and fries at Mont Kiara before I send their friends and head back home.

Went back and watch movie The Hottie & the Nottie with them. Ofcourse Mun Yi never last till the movie finish. Its a comedy with extremely gross looking girl but like a fairy tale love story, the gal turn beautiful in the end.
Thats for today... ZZZzzzzz.....

Friday, October 17, 2008

KFC Spicy Chicken Rice

Nice, I recommend you try it.
Paid streamyz and water bill already at the post office after lunch.
Where is the file Benson promise to get to do filing for all the bills? sigh...
I also bought wedges and nugget on top of this haha. Tonight I will go work out again.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ferrero Rocher

I saw ferrero rocher in 7 eleven today and thought why not I try it. After all, I never have the heart to buy due to the price. But today I thought I should just treat myself. It cost me RM4.20 for 3 pieces, not the usual way I would spend for chocolate. Infact I dont normally buy chocolate for myself. Cos the ROI is not that good hahaha, but only lose by gaining weight lol.
I feel happy that I bought it, and it is very satisfying. I just dont care about the price and buy something just like that. Ofcourse there will be consequences, tonight I just need to go gym and work it out. Spending time at my gf hse also, its easy not to have a heavy dinner. We usually just drink hot soup. Thanks to my gf and her very nice mom for the hot soup. Her parents are very nice people. Um.. dont think wrong, ah ma also got cook soup, her cooking is very tasty, so very hard to diet.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Faith and hope

Something no matter how much I had tried to fight for it, crack my head and think of all ways to solve it, we still need the others cooperation and acceptance. Otherwise it would become an irritation to others for trying too much. What is ask for is something so simple, yet it doesnt guarantee anything. What is a strong feeling without trust, and the trust has been betrayed. Dissappointment is all there now. Still hoping and still asking god for help that there will be a glimpse of hope it is safe. I am a fighter, everything I achieve in my life I fight for it. I dont have things falls nicely on my lap. That is why I push and try too much in others opinion. But now I have to learn to relax and enjoy life better. Things I never know, I discover and try, if fear I try so that there will be no more fear of that strange feeling.

My fire never dies until someone put it off for me. If only tht someone also is a fighter, that would be nice. Somehow I felt I am the only one hoping for it, the hope is reducing day by day. Once I thought the session gave me hope, but not really, faith is faith no one can change it. If things can be change and wish for, then I would have gotten what I want.

I dont want to go where it hurts and I dont want hate to appear one day. We are afraid of the unknown. If only there is hope for us, we would like to see the light at the end of the tunnel please. Dear god, please help us! I got my criteria and that is so fulfilling, that is so sweet and been through hardship and good times with me, but somehow not strong enough when problem hit. please dont break down, not now, need to be strong. Fight for it please. Destiny & happiness is in our own hand. I never forget, you help me too through out my most toughest moment and that is why I am still with you.

Special day coming soon, would i be able to celebrate it with you? Dear god, please help us. I had a simple special day last year, now this year you are better than last year, please give me a special day that I can remember, I do deserve it. Dont let it be left alone.

What would the future be, we never know but we are following our mentor advice. How can things be so cruel, isnt it enough if both want it. In todays world, we became so fixated with status, money, pride ... but pride is not the only issue alone. The fruit is not ripe yet, I was told something needs time and I dont hav that much of the time to wait. I was told if I wait, there is no guarantee. Sigh... why cant things be more to how we want things to be...

Please fruit, please ripe soon, when you are ready maybe we have hope in future again... I adore the whole package, good or bad I accept. Fruit, will you do the same too?

Praying and hoping,

First time driving a Kia and Volvo

Ok my car has not arrive yet. Loan is not submitted yet sigh... and the showroom said in October but cannot guarantee which date. So my girl friend has been letting me drive her car Kia, I dont know what model, its a black aeroback car. Its really nice but I dont like the mirror and the view of the back, its hard to estimate from the rear mirror. I like to play Oldies songs in her car and drive, that is quite relaxing.

Today I took the Volvo car key from Jason, he is quite reluctant to let go of his Volvo. Well its really a good car, very luxurious feeling and its really cool to drive. WOW..!

I need to test drive it today, I got my friend to came along to accompany me, he is a friend I know from the volunteer charity gang, so I went for japanese buffet at One Utama Shogun, on the way there was real smooth and parking was nicely done, I did back parking cool. The car was really long, jet out a bit in one parking lot even though I parked it nicely in the center of the parking line box.

Going to be staying a few days at my friend house in Kelana Jaya which is convenient to go to work to Puchong, this is to reduce time of driving and she got a nice parking space which is safe. Until I get use to driving the Volvo to work and back to her house then I will go back to Kepong. So we thought it would be a good idea to reduce risk lol.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Looks in the 50s, 60s, 70, 80, 90, 2000

Hahahahaha look so funny, my girl friend gave me this link today and I think its fun to try out hair style that we will probably never will have in the modern days. Dunno.. maybe I might try some of it when I become 50 later. You can go to this link if you want to have some fun with your looks, show to me yah hahaha... a lot more hair design.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My beloved Silver Lady Kancil sob.! sob.!

My Silver Lady soon will become Melissa's Kancil. Today Jason sent the car for JPJ inspection, I am so glad that Melissa is arranging this herself with him directly now, I should remember she is a big girl already. I should have suggested that earlier instead of helping with the arrangement and created unwanted scenario for myself.

Good thing I spoke to Jason's first and got his advice before I just release the car and let them drove back to JB, otherwise have to bring back the car back to KL again. Then it would have been waste of effort, money and time. One thing I learn in life, never mess with government procedures, what for want to be smart aleck and create unnecessary situation for ourselves. If things need to be done, then do it the right way. At least we will always have a piece of mind that it is taken care.

Its holiday tomorrow yeah ..! this time I choose to stay at home and not follow wan's back to Seremban. I want to be there to see my car leave the house sob.! sob.! at least I say bye bye to my Silver Lady. Maybe I make time send the car for service before giving it away.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Release Letter Found...

Yeah I went to my old apartment and found my Kancil HLB release letter in my personal file, I didnt saw it the last time I search. I think must be after Jason told me the release letter comes in a small piece of white paper and I start to lookout for such criteria and its easier to spot now. I cant remember how the release letter look like cos it was 3 years ago and I never pay much attention to the content of the paper when I got it, I just put it into that personal file and it remain there ever since.

Anyway if he didnt tell me, I would have thought its my study loan receipt, looks similar. Such important paper but look so common and fragile. Thanks to him for telling me and luckily I kept my important documents in the file.

I also found my Bank Rakyat study loan documents, I can now make appointment with the bank officer and negotiate about my loan payment. Great...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Painting the room

I finally get into action and do it. I got the paint from my friend, I painted majority part of the room Bright Yellow, but then there is not enough paint for the edging. Maybe I need to buy some more or maybe Wan will do some art with the white paint he brought to me. Wan said he will help me paint the edging but that will have to wait, he is very busy with his freelance project lately.

The room look more clean now and look cosy at night, but look really warm in the afternoon. Maybe when everything is done, I will probably add a nice white curtains later, which I think can make the room look comfy.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Booked a Myvi 1.3L EZi

I kept insisting to get the special edition before I view the new model. Luckily my cousin brother Jason is quite persistent, he asked me to look at the new model and compare it physically then only decide. When I saw the new model in the perodua showroom at Taman Bahagia PJ, I know I should get it, the 1.3L EZi. Most of the new specs Perodua has include in this new model is something I find very convenient and useful. It was the USB, MP3, WMA, electronic side mirror, mirror for passenger and the driver, mostly the interior design and the UV filter glass that won my heart. Truly a car for lady, both side got mirror, cool...! Other than that the design is almost the same as previous Myvi. On top of that it is cheaper than special edition, plus I dont like the skirting for special edition (problem going through high bump on the road), I just like the leather seat and the rim. There is a lot more things I like about the Ezi. Having a UV protection window is what I really need to get for my new car anyway, now since it comes with it then no need to spend extra money.

So yeah paid RM1K to booked it, I chose the pearl white colour, always wanted pearl white :) . The salesperson told me I can get my car in October month, but no exact date promised to me. Yeah... that is just a month so its ok.

Meanwhile I got another problem, I need to find the Kancil HLB loan release letter soon, otherwise I cant trade it, if I cant trade in then I dont have enough money to pay for my new car.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to Work After Holiday Hooplah

I googled about how to get back to work after a holiday break. Today I need to start to be productive as soon as possible... I found this article and thought its a great one to keep in my blog.

Back to Work After Holiday Hooplah
Taken from and posted by KC Morgan Dec 29, 2006
When you get back to work after a few days off, especially during the holiday season, you might feel slow, sluggish, and uninspired. Too much ham and holiday hooplah has that effect on people, so you aren’t the only one. It’s hard to get back into a humdrum work routine after holiday enjoyment. So, how do you kick-start yourself after the vacation that is the holiday season?
Make a list. Making to-do lists is often the salvation of the self-employed professional. Keeping thoughts organized, and keeping yourself on track, is much easier when you have a point-by-point list to follow. This will help you get right back into the swing of working.
Start small. Don’t overwhelm yourself with lots of projects right after enjoying a few days off. Giving yourself too much to do will make you feel tired, overworked, and will lower your productivity. Start with little projects, complete them, and work your way up. Get back into self-employed goals slowly.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pulau Perhentian Trip - Flora Bay Chalet

28 August 2008 night time around 10PM

We depart from KL Sentral almost 10PM, the KTM train was delayed for an hour, the train was suppose to reach at 8:30PM.

It was our first experience travelling on a train and we felt excited about it at first. I didnt really like the cabin bed cos I was not used to just sleep for many hours and do nothing. I probably would feel more comfortable if we have gotten the private room that has table, own sink and larger windows to look out. But it is interesting experience to go through. This picture is Wan checking out the curtains and buckling up the safety belts. There were 40 cabin bed in a coach. Travellers in the train seems decent, everyone just mind their own business.
It was first time for me in the train so I wanted to go explore everywhere in the train, but Wan thinks its not good to do that. Anyway eventually I manage to convinced him to go to the restaurant before we leave the train. When we reached there, he thank me for being so persistent about it, he was happy to sit down, sip his hot tea and have a larger view of the outside. At that time we talk about how he is going to achieve one of his goal to be a backpacker if he is that reserved. Then we laugh and concluded that is why I appeared provoke him to do things he wont do.... duhhhh..!

After travelling for 15 and 1/2 hours, we stopped at Tanah Merah and walk around a bit to search for more cab option, ok got one with no air-cond & cost about RM55 but Wan decided to gave him RM60 cos he is a nice old malay guy and honest. So another 1 and 1/2 hour taxi ride to Kuala Besut Jeti.

When we reach there we paid RM 10 for Marine Fees and then RM140 for return boat ride to and from Perhentian Island. (per person is RM35 1 way trip)
We were glad to be on the boat, knowing this is the last ride in reaching our destination.

Ok without wasting time we check in to Flora Bay Chalet. After checking the room, we decided to fill up the water on the pail first and left the windows open. The room is hot during the day and best to leave every door and windows open for a while. The chalet is only RM60 per night, so its good enough for us.

We went to Flora One restaurant for lunch, we were so hungry we ordered cheese omelette, coconut drink, fruit ice-cream, burger, hotdog & chips. Wan told me the whole thing cost about RM45. This restaurant is not the best.
We tried Tom Yam soup and pizza later that evening at Fauna Beach, that was really good. Pictures not with me, thats with another friend's camera.

We goofed around and snapped a lot of pictures.
I can totally switched off for a while if I want to, but something hanging in my head thinking about work. I just made up my mind and stop caring and start to think im on vacation. We were at the Perhentian Besar, I guess I would like to go explore the Perhentian Kechil next time. The island is beautiful in the evening.

to be continue...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Project Delivery Process suitable for E-commerce Website design

Inspired from

An ecommerce delivery process is equally as important as its underlying software. Netconcepts takes a team based project management approach to ecommerce website design and development.

Our Delivery methodology follows a structured path that has been validated with the implementation of many clients. Typical implementation is 12-16 weeks and includes a project manager and team of experienced developers. It’s the project manager’s responsibility to drive the work through our design and development process.

GravityMarket’s Delivery Overview
- Project Planning
- Website Specification
- Creative & User Interface Design
- Implementation, Development & Configuration
- Content Loading
- System Testing
- Training & Acceptance Testing

Netconcepts clients are a part of their project’s team, and receive weekly project reports on progress.

Project Planning
A unique feature of GravityMarket is its flexibility and its ability to be customized to meet our client’s unique business situations. A key element is structuring the data, both inbound and outbound, so that the interaction between the data and the website is seamless.

Website Specification
Netconcepts works with the client to define unique business rules related to their operation, and any customizations required. A specification document is prepared and agreed to prior to development work beginning.

Netconcepts then performs keyword research to determine how customers are shopping for and finding the client’s products. This research guides the content development so that the verbiage that describes products and services contains the words that are used by the shopper. This assists with search engine rankings and relevancy.

Creative & User Interface Design
Based on the specifications and research, Netconcepts develops a creative concept for the site, and works with the client’s marketing team to incorporate the desired branding elements. Once approved, templates are built for the pages within the site.

Implementation, Development & Configuration
During the implementation phase, Netconcepts’ development team builds the site architecture and configures the site to match the business rules defined in the specification. All customization work is also completed during this phase.

Content Loading and System Testing
Once the platform is implemented and configured, it is ready to accept content. Netconcepts works with the client to write and format content to support the best practices of search engine optimization. Content is then loaded into the site via the GravityMarket Administrative tool, or electronically via file transfer or integration.
When the content is loaded, the site is rigorously tested by advanced Netconcepts personnel.

Training & Acceptance Testing
What good is a new technology without instructions? We take the time to train our clients and walk them through the in’s and out’s of the GravityMarket ecommerce platform. Through our highly developed interface, clients’ can administer optimization, merchandising, promotion, and much more. When the client has thoroughly tested their new site and is satisfied, it is time to push the site live.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

How to get the Best Home Loan?

By Rosliwaty Ramly. KUALA LUMPUR, May 17 (Bernama) -- With so many home-loan products in the market nowadays, you have to be wise in choosing the one that suits you the best.Choosing the lowest interest rate obviously helps you to save money. Once you have picked the loan that gives you the best deal, then you can start planning your finances.

This will give you a clearer picture of what you can afford and what you should set aside for your long-term commitments. Whether you are opting for conventional or Islamic loan, here are some tips from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) in choosing the right home loan as outlined in its Guidebook on Personal Finance.


* Shop around for the best loan

To get the best deal, talk to at least three banks or finance companies. This will give you a comparison on the loans and services offered.

Get information on costs, services and the extras.We have to remember, however, that some information, especially interest rates, can change daily. So, contact all three lenders on the same day to get a true comparison.

* Borrow only the amount you need and can afford to pay

Before deciding on a loan, be clear about how much loan you need and how you plan to pay it back.

The main concern here is to determine whether you can afford the monthly instalments.

The easiest way to get the figure is by using the on-line calculator available on the website of the home-loan lenders.

All you have to do is key in the loan amount, repayment period and interest rate.

* Understand exactly how much the entire loan will cost

Review the complete payment schedule. Be sure to find out how much you will have to pay in total when the final payment is made.

* Make sure that the loan fees are reasonableIn most cases, loan fees (disbursement fees, legal fees and stamp duties) should not exceed five percent of the loan amount unless you are paying more for a lower interest rate. For instance, if the loan amount is RM170,000, the loan fees should not exceed RM8,500 (RM170,000 x 0.05 = RM8,500).

* Read every word in the loan document

You should not accept loan terms just because the lender says they are 'standard'. Make sure you understand the reason for each term and its implications before you sign the document. For instance, you might want to check the minimum number of years you have to serve the loan. If you terminate the loan earlier than the date mentioned on the contract, the lender will impose a penalty that can be quite costly. The most important thing is to ask for clarification if you are not sure.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Restoran Itali in Taman Desa

May 3, 2008

Restoran Itali in Taman Desa Opposite Shell.

My bf recommended to go try this restaurant, told me his sister said it was a nice place, but there is no guarantee as it was quite s
ome time back the last time his sister visited this place.

We ordered Hawaiian and
Chicken with Mozarella cheese Pizza, Aglia Oglio spaghetti, Garlic bread and Mushroom soup. Drinks are quite common so I am not mentioning that.

Yup the garlic bread is good. Mushroom soup was too watery for me, I prefer the thicker type like Dome.

The pizza is just ok, the ingredients were not equally distributed, so some of the slices got the chicken ham and some doesn't have but the pineapple slices is very nice, sweet and juicy....and the way it was cut is bi
gger than other places :) , one of my friend commented this is like a homemade type.

The Tiramisu cake save the day. It was really good, the hostess/waitress were kind to serve and chit chatted with us. Only one girl is too cautious over their customers feedback that she was ears dropping on our conversation, she heard about me commenting on the Aglia Olio spaghetti and she came to the table to explain to us that it is the right way they cook it cos is the traditional italian food and many people that truly know italian food including rich people enjoy it too. I don't think the part that rich people also know how to enjoy their food is necessary but I knew she is a young girl and not meant to emphasize
on the class or status haha, but her explanation got too long winded that we have to wait before continuing our dinner and with our personal conversation. She is too serious type that I cant say her customer service is good. I would say she is very concern over the customer needs, trying hard to defend the family business too.

Later, while serving us the cake the same waitress heard one of my friend said "kelentong", she had to defend herself and said "I am not lying..!" and then walk off. We then told my friend to be nice and do the right thing, just apologize to her cos there is no need to make people feel unhappy.

Before leaving the restaurant, my friend apologized to her, she said "no problem" but without a smile, so he think that didn't went well and I think he wont go there anymore hahaha...

Food :
Customer Service :

Cleanliness :
Pricing :

Type : Halal