Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day dreaming at work

i feel so dull at work? is it good to say tht... i dunno...
I had a economical fried mee hoon + one fried egg and drank soya bean. I in office now and feeling a bit sleepy.

I felt good everytime I remembered I have climbed the Broga Hill, travel to Kuching and meet so many people, did so many things that I never imagine I could do last time.

I need to talk to myself to recollect my focus again. Ok what needs to be done today?
E-Ticketing system - need to learn and present to sales people. Follow up on accessing the system tomorrow when the staff is back to work.
E-timesheet - explore the system and give my opinion. Need to do this first. Need to do quick demo.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Strategize my plan

What is my aim now in this current time of my life?
I want a good stable career.
I want love, passion and marriage. Kids can be after 1 or 2 years later.
I want to have lots of money to travel around the world.
I want to have a self running business, where my presence is not required. Money come in every month. I can go anywhere I want and not get tide down.

Now think what are the little steps to achieve those, do your work break down structures :)

Do Something

If you choose to wait with a purpose, it also means you are doing something.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Vision Lists

I will be very successful soon.

I will get a stable job that pays me well, nice environment to work in and offer me 5 months bonus :D

I have wonderful colleagues to work with, team work is there and I love my job.

I picked up Change Management easily and exceeded my supervisor expectation.

I eliminate all negative force that surrounds me.

I moved on and does not repeat same mistake.

My soul mate will find me this year and love will come, this time it will last for good and have a chance to build a family.

To me success means, have a successful relationship, loving & strong bonding with family, good career, great health, comfortable life, able to travel around the world and achieve great skills that I can applies from day to day basis (communication, great knowledge).

I feel better when I am in control in my life. I don't need friends who so kepoh... or belittling me.
I will remove all negative or any cringe factor in my life.

Yesterday I throw away a lot of old and unuse stuff which I found from the dinner table and from the kitchen. Felt so good doing that.

Its so freaking irritating to see things not organized. I dream of a house that is neatly organized, tastefully and romantically decorated ahhhh. this day will come for sure.