Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random things that I want to remember and pray for Melissa

Yesterday was great. had a good breakfast (packed food from home cos didnt hav dinner on Monday), had tuna sandwich for lunch (save money) and came back home early from work and my godmom cooked such nice meal (fresh vegie, sambal udang kering, fried fish and fried boneless chicken fillet). Its a bit too overwhelming and I have a feeling I might have put on weight today after yesterday contributions haha.

So today I started breakfast with sardine bread, mini sausage bun and a mini croissant. I am not suppose to take anything to do with rice or flour, but these seems to be the most convenient food that I can get. Drinks? mostly water now, not making milo or coffee anymore. If I make tea, its ok also since I dont put sugar for tea drink. Must stay strong and have better control over my diet, otherwise all effort will be lost. I forgot my specs again today, yikes. Headache looking at this PC whole day without a specs. Today I must finish a very important documents and follow up on a few other projects.

To Melissa, all the best I know you are in there now, trying your best to bring new life to this world. Pray that both is safe, healthy and everything goes smoothly for you all in JB.


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  1. hey love :)
    thanks for your prayers.
    we're doing great!
    can't wait to see you guys later on after one month :)