Wednesday, February 25, 2009

St. Theresa's Prayer

I received this prayer early this morning and so I wished for my next job that I get the package that I wished for with very nice environment to work in and that I will enjoy my work in the new place. And may I find my soul mate this year and all my family members is healthy and doing well.

St. Theresa's Prayer:
'May today there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others. May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content with yourself just the way you are. Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us.'

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spontaneous Sunday

Last night had a very long tele-chat with Amir, wah not bad he is in
medical study for 5 years now, still got 2 more years to go but he
already calling himself a Doctor. Anyway he taught me to use Google Talk, so he call me via Google Talk and my god... so clear and loud, its better than a normal fixed line phone.

Today woke up when hearing Benroy and Celine getting ready for
church. It was a spontaneous decision that I decided I go to church
after all. I think I have been influence by a friend recently to do
spontaneous action . He told me not everything must be planned
earlier, sometimes its more fun when it is a spontaneous moment.
So I woke up and got ready to go St. Paul. Celine and Benroy left
with their friends, I went a bit late and was sitting alone but its
fine. There was an elderly man who is assisting me in the church. I
also went to get the pastor blessing too. Then join them for morning
refreshment at the canteen church. Had Milo and crackers.
Tried calling my girl-friend for breakfast but her phone is off. So I
decided to go Solaris for breakfast but in the end I ended up in
Hartamas sitting in Exotic Vietnamese Restaurant which is quite
affordable type. I found a new type of beancurd dish here looks yum
yum. I am actually sitting at the open air restaurant area, with this
big fan blowing at my hair and I am feeling really good, so I decided
to blog about this. Just had the feel to blog haha.

The food came and the rice noodles with spring roll gave me a
nutritous feeling and yeah it taste nice and healthy. And then the
beancurd was good, but its just fried beancurd with basil leaves.
And then my plan to go Starbuck Mont Kiara to work there peacefully
didnt work out, cos I suddenly remember muahahahah my niece and
nephew not at home and I can use the table to work, no need to sit on
my room floor so difficult. Therefore I can work peacefully at home
too, provided my ideas is not dry.
Aiyohh that video solution production is not fully done yet. Major
pending on my side, need to quickly speed up the progress. I need to
be creative now.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Moment of thoughts and life balancing

Family and house is operating smoothly, things gotten so much better in the house. I dont hear my godmom screaming in the house anymore. She also hired a new cleaner (thank god she lost the old cleaner phone number) which is superbly done a good job at cleaning up the whole house. Benroy folding his clothes and taking out rubbish daily, become so independant no more mummy's baby boy.

Hope I will continue to do well at work, although my workload has increased. This year got KPIs set, need to manage project budget and costing, thus managing 3 countries project as well as the resources for it. Already set up the structures on how I am going to do it, whether it actually work in reality I am not very sure, but I know when things get near I know answer will appear in my head and I will know what to do. With God at my sides I know I never fear, no matter what obstacles ahead of me I know I will be able to survived. I think I handle today matters well, quite satisfied with the decision I made.

Communicated back with an old acquiantance. A person whom I discussed project work together 3 years ago. I found a new friend to hang out with. A person who teached at university and love salsa and spanish music. Mmm suprisingly can teach me VB Dot Net and salsa dance, I hope this time I will be able to learn. My colleagues who promise to teach me dot net is now pregnant and often not well, so we no longer mentioned about it and I dont expect her to teach either.

Life has been interesting when I get to hang out with this new friend, but for how long I am not sure. Its been fun, never have a boring day with this friend.

Evening time, I went to Solaris Public Bank to pay rental and then hang out at Mont Kiara Starbuck myself, sipping a Ice Vanilla Latte, reading my Japan Diet book and enjoying listening to the water fountain. That calm me down and give me satisfaction. I bought a CD slow dance of the 80s collection and I listen on the way driving home and that was not so relieving, I should not listen to it now.

So far so good, one of my new year resolution is to do new things I have never done before. I have many ventures so far and it has been exciting :)

Late night now, gotta sleep. Until here only...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday Night outing with Q'uann

Just came back from The Curve, Q'uann and I went to watch All Well Ends Well, CNY movie. Anyway its expected to have a happy ending and easy to digest type of movie, but too many additional scene that is not necessary, especially dont like the body turning part when they fall in love in that movie.

Weird things happen though, before movie we went and have a Salmon Pizza at the Empress Cafe, while chit chatting for some time, my glass drink just exploded and the glass shattered everywhere. Most of the people nearby like me was in shock. Its just a glass of Perrier with ice, is it the pressure, too cold or what I am not sure. Q'uann kept consoling me and saying that it is ok, we are consider fortunate as the glass did not hit our face or hurt us. Yeah she is right, but I just cant help wondering whether I said or done anything wrong, is this a sign of something Im not so sure. The pizza also have little pieces of glass on top. The waitress and waitress kept apologizing, they were nice and brought us a new Salmon Pizza later after the incident. So we ate the second pizza till no more, and we both were feeling so full.

Nevertheless, I felt good going out and this time I felt our friendship extended to another level as now not only I share but she share her story too.

Anyway later Saturday noon, going gown hunting with Emmeline. So happy for her, she found her loves ones. Night also got an appointment already but I am still not sure where to go yet and what to wear?

Work is darn a lot, but I can still hold on for now, not sure whether I can cope up in future. Datelines getting nearer and I gotta submit 2 video presentation on top of the many projects I am handling, he really think I am supergirl. Hope things will work out better for me and I am able to change my situation.

Next Monday Emme invited me to Pao Gum event, mmm never done this before, but this year I told myself I do more new things, things I dont normally do, so I should go. Just like watching movie alone some weeks ago and I felt good after that. First time experience feeling is usually exciting.

Japan Diet book is still laying on my bed and I have only manage to finish reading half. This year resolution also to complete reading books that I bought. So I am making sure that I complete it. Reading books has really benefited me, the Japan diet book also help me lost some weight :)

Well till here only. going to sleep now..... Zzzzzzzz

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Company Laptop Finally

Carrying the old company laptop was so painful for my shoulder and back. I hav been telling this numerous time to my boss and finally this year something was done, and after fixing up all the firewall and user configuration stuff, I got it today.

Such a sexy red laptop and quite powerful, the download were really fast. But its Vista Home, I am the first user in the company and must provide feedback on how Vista Home compare to XP Pro OS.
But I hope the laptop bag come back, my boss took it cos his spoilt. It sucks to use a old bag when the laptop is new lol.
Anyway not complaining much, cos at least i get it and it will be lighter now, look more professional also :) thank you very much boss.