Thursday, August 27, 2009

Great start of my day :)

Today is a good day, I feel so positive and smiling as my normal days. But today I have a sense of great satisfaction with life, feeling I am blessed and feeling very thankful to God. Why do I feel this way? and why I am writing this? What's going on?

This is another analysis of understanding myself better. This year topic will be mostly myself, I
am not self centered or selfish but merely I begun to understand to solve any problem in my life I have to start off with my self, I would be the core to everything happening in my life. I am not
here to compliment myself but merely searching and understanding my inner soul. The root to my solution is that I must understand myself. I was trained since young by my godmom always to look out for others and I forgotten about myself, which I believe has created problems in certain aspects of my life.

So lets start by talking from yesterday night,I slept according to my expected timeframe which is before 12am, which I was able to do so for the past 2 days. Before that, I always worried I about my dark circle underneath my eyes so I have been thinking about sleeping early but sometimes I just got so distracted that I was not able to be discipline enough to do it.

I was able to do the things I planned to do at home, put in the clothes into the cupboard and
apply treatment for my scalp and hair. This is because sometimes work and other things to do
causes me no time to take care of my own beauty and organize my own room which is my comfort zone in the house. So I was glad that I could have some time to pamper and making me feel good.

So this morning,I woke up at 5:30am, really early without the alarm ringing and I was able to go toilet, means no constipation problem and I feel great to notice I manage to change my biological clock. It also means I am able to go to work early, take my own sweet time to dress up, able to have time to choose which accessories match my outfit and at the same time feeling good I am improving my punctuality.

I dont know why but I was able to sit down infront of my dressing table and day dream for about 15 mins. Then ofcourse my discipline part took over and ask myself "Hey snap out of it! a lot of
things depend on you and don't screw up by waking up early but end up late at work". I know this part of me is very funny to my family members, I know my niece and nephew understand what I am talking about here.

And then I drove slowly while listening to Cliff Richard comforting songs, traffic was so smooth
and I arrived early with plenty of parking space for me to choose. It was too early and I cannot
remember how to off the office alarm, so I went to Old Town White Coffee shop to have breakfast. The chinese lady Manager there was not pleasant, no smile and she only serves the white guy sitting there (probably rich old white guy) :P, but.... that didnt spoilt my day.., and the waiters there were all smiling at me hehe and one of them came over to take my orders. So I had a good breakfast there and was able to go online to read TheStar online news for a while before I head off to office again.

So thats all for now. I am at work and things is pretty smooth. My boss recovered from the shock of my resignation and we are in talking terms again :) .

Great start of my days..aaaaah... :)

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