Sunday, May 4, 2008

Restoran Itali in Taman Desa

May 3, 2008

Restoran Itali in Taman Desa Opposite Shell.

My bf recommended to go try this restaurant, told me his sister said it was a nice place, but there is no guarantee as it was quite s
ome time back the last time his sister visited this place.

We ordered Hawaiian and
Chicken with Mozarella cheese Pizza, Aglia Oglio spaghetti, Garlic bread and Mushroom soup. Drinks are quite common so I am not mentioning that.

Yup the garlic bread is good. Mushroom soup was too watery for me, I prefer the thicker type like Dome.

The pizza is just ok, the ingredients were not equally distributed, so some of the slices got the chicken ham and some doesn't have but the pineapple slices is very nice, sweet and juicy....and the way it was cut is bi
gger than other places :) , one of my friend commented this is like a homemade type.

The Tiramisu cake save the day. It was really good, the hostess/waitress were kind to serve and chit chatted with us. Only one girl is too cautious over their customers feedback that she was ears dropping on our conversation, she heard about me commenting on the Aglia Olio spaghetti and she came to the table to explain to us that it is the right way they cook it cos is the traditional italian food and many people that truly know italian food including rich people enjoy it too. I don't think the part that rich people also know how to enjoy their food is necessary but I knew she is a young girl and not meant to emphasize
on the class or status haha, but her explanation got too long winded that we have to wait before continuing our dinner and with our personal conversation. She is too serious type that I cant say her customer service is good. I would say she is very concern over the customer needs, trying hard to defend the family business too.

Later, while serving us the cake the same waitress heard one of my friend said "kelentong", she had to defend herself and said "I am not lying..!" and then walk off. We then told my friend to be nice and do the right thing, just apologize to her cos there is no need to make people feel unhappy.

Before leaving the restaurant, my friend apologized to her, she said "no problem" but without a smile, so he think that didn't went well and I think he wont go there anymore hahaha...

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Type : Halal

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