Monday, January 28, 2008

My poor car and my bf who is always there to save the day

Younger, slimmer, smaller size than me but unexpectedly strong and wise when you needed a man by your side. That is my beloved bf. Sunday 27 Jan 2008, on a burning hot afternoon, is the second time he had help me fixed my car tyre. I have wonder before how come he is able to take out the bolts that is screwed so tightly by machine. Although his body is light and thin, he uses his leg to kick it. I didnt thought of that at that time.

Care not only to your love ones but your car too

My poor 1995 Kancil 660 automatic, 13 years old car, fully paid off and still running. I often have to repair the driving shaft and sometimes there is other issue such as alterrator, engine loud, wiring spoilt comes once in a few months.

Overall is still manageable as it is such an affordable car to maintain. Unlike my younger brother Wai who take care of his car by washing it regularly, purchase new accessories, change new tyres more frequent than me and doesnt mind to spend more on the interior as well as exterior of the car to make it look so glamorous and comfy, well I am the opposite. I gave priority to other commitments in my life and I think it was the right thing to do at that time considering cash is low.

Surprised that I just got lectured by my boy friend, who usually need me to remind him to do lots of things "you should have fix your tyre long time ago" but yeah he is right. Yes my bad, I dont deny. Its about time I start paying attention to my car and take care of it like a human being since this year I can afford to make some changes for my car.

All this year my focus has been so greyed by the problems in my life, I should try to be more sensitive and solve the basic necessity in my life. No car cannot go to work and cannot fetch my godmom to clinics, which may lead to many other problems if my car not working.

Thank you honey for always being there when I look so hopeless. :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Choice and Happiness

Inspired from Psychology Today October 2007.
Unlike our ancestors, we have the time and energy to ruminate about our options.

How to Make Options Your Allies. You can outfox your evolved emotional makeup

God Is Not In The Details: Practice making decisions quickly about small things and routine purchases. Limit the time you spend comparing specs. Build confidence in your "gut" by attending to it.

Don't Dwell: Refuse to spend too much time regretting a decisions or blaming yourself for a poor outcome. Instead learn from your mistakes and determine to do better.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic: Needing it all is guaranteed to make you unhappy.

Risk a Wrong Decision: Fight emotional paralysis by seeing that even making "wrong" choice is often better than making no choice at all; you still learn through trial and error. It is better to blunder your way through life than to avoid making decisions.

Don't Look Back: Look forward to the future.

We know that today, most choices are frivolous and rarely jeopardize our existence, though fact doesnt stop us from fretting. And we overestimate the importance of big choices all the more. Isnt the ability to select partners, profession, doctors and lawyers critical to our quality of life?

We tell ourselves that when it comes to big decisions we must make the right one, or the fallout will be enormous.

Avoid thinking that we can tailor a fulfilling life from smorgasbord of options. Limiting choice doesn't just curb anxiety, it actually creates happiness. When you can accept limitation or make a commitment you feel fulfilled.

Choice can be great if we refuse to obsess about all the alternatives. The problem is finding a way to handle the psychology mechanism.

Action: Limiting our own options and then refusing to make a federal case about the final outcome. In spite of our evolved emotional makeup, options can be our allies.

Case in point: Not agonizing about a choice is a choice in itself.

So true, I do feel so much better after reading this article. A decision is made and no point I spend too much time regretting a decisions or blaming myself. Besides I trial and error from the decision I made. So next time it will get better and like my girl friend had advice me "Look forward to the future".