Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My beloved Silver Lady Kancil sob.! sob.!

My Silver Lady soon will become Melissa's Kancil. Today Jason sent the car for JPJ inspection, I am so glad that Melissa is arranging this herself with him directly now, I should remember she is a big girl already. I should have suggested that earlier instead of helping with the arrangement and created unwanted scenario for myself.

Good thing I spoke to Jason's first and got his advice before I just release the car and let them drove back to JB, otherwise have to bring back the car back to KL again. Then it would have been waste of effort, money and time. One thing I learn in life, never mess with government procedures, what for want to be smart aleck and create unnecessary situation for ourselves. If things need to be done, then do it the right way. At least we will always have a piece of mind that it is taken care.

Its holiday tomorrow yeah ..! this time I choose to stay at home and not follow wan's back to Seremban. I want to be there to see my car leave the house sob.! sob.! at least I say bye bye to my Silver Lady. Maybe I make time send the car for service before giving it away.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Release Letter Found...

Yeah I went to my old apartment and found my Kancil HLB release letter in my personal file, I didnt saw it the last time I search. I think must be after Jason told me the release letter comes in a small piece of white paper and I start to lookout for such criteria and its easier to spot now. I cant remember how the release letter look like cos it was 3 years ago and I never pay much attention to the content of the paper when I got it, I just put it into that personal file and it remain there ever since.

Anyway if he didnt tell me, I would have thought its my study loan receipt, looks similar. Such important paper but look so common and fragile. Thanks to him for telling me and luckily I kept my important documents in the file.

I also found my Bank Rakyat study loan documents, I can now make appointment with the bank officer and negotiate about my loan payment. Great...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Painting the room

I finally get into action and do it. I got the paint from my friend, I painted majority part of the room Bright Yellow, but then there is not enough paint for the edging. Maybe I need to buy some more or maybe Wan will do some art with the white paint he brought to me. Wan said he will help me paint the edging but that will have to wait, he is very busy with his freelance project lately.

The room look more clean now and look cosy at night, but look really warm in the afternoon. Maybe when everything is done, I will probably add a nice white curtains later, which I think can make the room look comfy.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Booked a Myvi 1.3L EZi

I kept insisting to get the special edition before I view the new model. Luckily my cousin brother Jason is quite persistent, he asked me to look at the new model and compare it physically then only decide. When I saw the new model in the perodua showroom at Taman Bahagia PJ, I know I should get it, the 1.3L EZi. Most of the new specs Perodua has include in this new model is something I find very convenient and useful. It was the USB, MP3, WMA, electronic side mirror, mirror for passenger and the driver, mostly the interior design and the UV filter glass that won my heart. Truly a car for lady, both side got mirror, cool...! Other than that the design is almost the same as previous Myvi. On top of that it is cheaper than special edition, plus I dont like the skirting for special edition (problem going through high bump on the road), I just like the leather seat and the rim. There is a lot more things I like about the Ezi. Having a UV protection window is what I really need to get for my new car anyway, now since it comes with it then no need to spend extra money.

So yeah paid RM1K to booked it, I chose the pearl white colour, always wanted pearl white :) . The salesperson told me I can get my car in October month, but no exact date promised to me. Yeah... that is just a month so its ok.

Meanwhile I got another problem, I need to find the Kancil HLB loan release letter soon, otherwise I cant trade it, if I cant trade in then I dont have enough money to pay for my new car.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to Work After Holiday Hooplah

I googled about how to get back to work after a holiday break. Today I need to start to be productive as soon as possible... I found this article and thought its a great one to keep in my blog.

Back to Work After Holiday Hooplah
Taken from and posted by KC Morgan Dec 29, 2006
When you get back to work after a few days off, especially during the holiday season, you might feel slow, sluggish, and uninspired. Too much ham and holiday hooplah has that effect on people, so you aren’t the only one. It’s hard to get back into a humdrum work routine after holiday enjoyment. So, how do you kick-start yourself after the vacation that is the holiday season?
Make a list. Making to-do lists is often the salvation of the self-employed professional. Keeping thoughts organized, and keeping yourself on track, is much easier when you have a point-by-point list to follow. This will help you get right back into the swing of working.
Start small. Don’t overwhelm yourself with lots of projects right after enjoying a few days off. Giving yourself too much to do will make you feel tired, overworked, and will lower your productivity. Start with little projects, complete them, and work your way up. Get back into self-employed goals slowly.