Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to Work After Holiday Hooplah

I googled about how to get back to work after a holiday break. Today I need to start to be productive as soon as possible... I found this article and thought its a great one to keep in my blog.

Back to Work After Holiday Hooplah
Taken from and posted by KC Morgan Dec 29, 2006
When you get back to work after a few days off, especially during the holiday season, you might feel slow, sluggish, and uninspired. Too much ham and holiday hooplah has that effect on people, so you aren’t the only one. It’s hard to get back into a humdrum work routine after holiday enjoyment. So, how do you kick-start yourself after the vacation that is the holiday season?
Make a list. Making to-do lists is often the salvation of the self-employed professional. Keeping thoughts organized, and keeping yourself on track, is much easier when you have a point-by-point list to follow. This will help you get right back into the swing of working.
Start small. Don’t overwhelm yourself with lots of projects right after enjoying a few days off. Giving yourself too much to do will make you feel tired, overworked, and will lower your productivity. Start with little projects, complete them, and work your way up. Get back into self-employed goals slowly.

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