Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My beloved Silver Lady Kancil sob.! sob.!

My Silver Lady soon will become Melissa's Kancil. Today Jason sent the car for JPJ inspection, I am so glad that Melissa is arranging this herself with him directly now, I should remember she is a big girl already. I should have suggested that earlier instead of helping with the arrangement and created unwanted scenario for myself.

Good thing I spoke to Jason's first and got his advice before I just release the car and let them drove back to JB, otherwise have to bring back the car back to KL again. Then it would have been waste of effort, money and time. One thing I learn in life, never mess with government procedures, what for want to be smart aleck and create unnecessary situation for ourselves. If things need to be done, then do it the right way. At least we will always have a piece of mind that it is taken care.

Its holiday tomorrow yeah ..! this time I choose to stay at home and not follow wan's back to Seremban. I want to be there to see my car leave the house sob.! sob.! at least I say bye bye to my Silver Lady. Maybe I make time send the car for service before giving it away.

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