Sunday, October 12, 2008

First time driving a Kia and Volvo

Ok my car has not arrive yet. Loan is not submitted yet sigh... and the showroom said in October but cannot guarantee which date. So my girl friend has been letting me drive her car Kia, I dont know what model, its a black aeroback car. Its really nice but I dont like the mirror and the view of the back, its hard to estimate from the rear mirror. I like to play Oldies songs in her car and drive, that is quite relaxing.

Today I took the Volvo car key from Jason, he is quite reluctant to let go of his Volvo. Well its really a good car, very luxurious feeling and its really cool to drive. WOW..!

I need to test drive it today, I got my friend to came along to accompany me, he is a friend I know from the volunteer charity gang, so I went for japanese buffet at One Utama Shogun, on the way there was real smooth and parking was nicely done, I did back parking cool. The car was really long, jet out a bit in one parking lot even though I parked it nicely in the center of the parking line box.

Going to be staying a few days at my friend house in Kelana Jaya which is convenient to go to work to Puchong, this is to reduce time of driving and she got a nice parking space which is safe. Until I get use to driving the Volvo to work and back to her house then I will go back to Kepong. So we thought it would be a good idea to reduce risk lol.

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