Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday Outing - Hari Raya Open House

I parked at Jaya 33 and then waited at the entrance. My old friend which I have not met for a long time show up with her new Atos car. She lost a lot of weight and she look better now. She also said I look good too, thank you. Anyway after that... Hari Raya open house at Dr. Malek house was fantastic, food is good prepared by his wife (first time I tried daging dinding, that was a hit but the dish is black color) and Dr. proudly giving us a tour in his house and showing the design of his house which is something that I like too, very classic and elegant. The house structure seems so familiar, I remembered later that it was the same as Lea's friend house from AsiaWork where Wan took me there before. We took some pictures here for rememberance, actually I wanted it to put in this blog but havent been able to get the pictures out from Emme's mobile yet. (Correction, got it on 21 Oct :) , maybe my friend saw what I wrote he he... )

We then hang out at Sunway Pyramid. I had a very fulfilling marshmallow hot chocolate drink at the World of Waffle and we share an ice-cream waffle. I think we spend about 2 hours or more having gf chit chat. [wow..long time never do that].

We went to check out a few shops after that. I didnt know sunway pyramid can get so many evening wear type of shops, some are too grand for casual wear. Well in the end I just went to IT area and bought my HP printer ink, finally got to buy it.

Saw the time closing to 10pm, my friend drove me back to Jaya 33 and I jump back into the volvo and then head to Sungai Wang to look for the Yap princesses, Mun Yi and Celine. Parked at Lot 10 and parking is RM15, cos VIPs, Jason special instruction "Park in a wide space and safely ok, no dont park in KL Plaza!".

I waited at the Bon Ton and sipping my flat white coffee which actually not bad. Finally, the Yap princesses came out from Coronade Hotel with 2 of their friends. Treat them McDonald McFlurry ice cream and fries at Mont Kiara before I send their friends and head back home.

Went back and watch movie The Hottie & the Nottie with them. Ofcourse Mun Yi never last till the movie finish. Its a comedy with extremely gross looking girl but like a fairy tale love story, the gal turn beautiful in the end.
Thats for today... ZZZzzzzz.....

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