Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Change Management study continue...

Must go through in detail again. Study this website.



Boyzone - I Love The Way You Love Me

Note: I like this song, just search and found it on youtube.

I like the feel of your name on my lips
And I like the sound of your sweet gentle kiss
The way that your fingers run through my hair
And how your scent lingers even when you're not here

And I like the way your eyes dance when you laugh
And how you enjoy your two-hour bath
And how you've convinced me to dance in the rain
With everyone watching like we were insane

But I love the way you love me
Strong and wild, slow and easy
Heart and soul so completely
I love the way you love me

And I like the sound of old R 'n' B
And you roll your eyes when I'm sloppily off key
And I like the innocent way that you cry
At sappy old movies you've seen thousands of times


(Listen to me now)
And I could list a million things
I love to like about you
But they could all come down to one reason
I could never live without you

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wait … Am I Younger Yet?

Good to keep for my own reference :)

Wait … Am I Younger Yet?
The science behind how nutrients repair and rejuvenate your body—and how long it takes to reap your healthy habit rewards.
By Veronika Ruff

Content provided by: Prevention

Science has confirmed that the nutrients in our food can slow down and even reverse aging. Here's exactly how and when you can expect the health payoff you want:

Beat Stress
Vitamin B6 deficiency has been linked to anxiety, stress, and depression, and women are more likely to become deficient in B6 as they age, according to researchers at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University. "When B6 makes its way to your brain, it facilitates synthesis of neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, which makes you feel calm and happy," says Hanjo Hellmann, Ph.D., a plant biologist at Washington State University. "But if you have a B6 deficiency, your brain may not be able to make enough dopamine." The vitamin is found in a variety of foods, but it's especially high in potatoes, bananas, red meat, poultry, and chickpeas. Once eaten, B6 is quickly distributed throughout the body but isn't stored well, so we need a consistent daily supply. Hellmann recommends getting 1 to 2 mg of B6 every day—the amount in about one medium russet potato and a chicken breast—to help you produce enough stress-busting dopamine.

What to do when stress keeps you up at night
URL: http://health.msn.com/ssprint.aspx?cp-documentid=100243251&imageindex=1

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Great start of my day :)

Today is a good day, I feel so positive and smiling as my normal days. But today I have a sense of great satisfaction with life, feeling I am blessed and feeling very thankful to God. Why do I feel this way? and why I am writing this? What's going on?

This is another analysis of understanding myself better. This year topic will be mostly myself, I
am not self centered or selfish but merely I begun to understand to solve any problem in my life I have to start off with my self, I would be the core to everything happening in my life. I am not
here to compliment myself but merely searching and understanding my inner soul. The root to my solution is that I must understand myself. I was trained since young by my godmom always to look out for others and I forgotten about myself, which I believe has created problems in certain aspects of my life.

So lets start by talking from yesterday night,I slept according to my expected timeframe which is before 12am, which I was able to do so for the past 2 days. Before that, I always worried I about my dark circle underneath my eyes so I have been thinking about sleeping early but sometimes I just got so distracted that I was not able to be discipline enough to do it.

I was able to do the things I planned to do at home, put in the clothes into the cupboard and
apply treatment for my scalp and hair. This is because sometimes work and other things to do
causes me no time to take care of my own beauty and organize my own room which is my comfort zone in the house. So I was glad that I could have some time to pamper and making me feel good.

So this morning,I woke up at 5:30am, really early without the alarm ringing and I was able to go toilet, means no constipation problem and I feel great to notice I manage to change my biological clock. It also means I am able to go to work early, take my own sweet time to dress up, able to have time to choose which accessories match my outfit and at the same time feeling good I am improving my punctuality.

I dont know why but I was able to sit down infront of my dressing table and day dream for about 15 mins. Then ofcourse my discipline part took over and ask myself "Hey snap out of it! a lot of
things depend on you and don't screw up by waking up early but end up late at work". I know this part of me is very funny to my family members, I know my niece and nephew understand what I am talking about here.

And then I drove slowly while listening to Cliff Richard comforting songs, traffic was so smooth
and I arrived early with plenty of parking space for me to choose. It was too early and I cannot
remember how to off the office alarm, so I went to Old Town White Coffee shop to have breakfast. The chinese lady Manager there was not pleasant, no smile and she only serves the white guy sitting there (probably rich old white guy) :P, but.... that didnt spoilt my day.., and the waiters there were all smiling at me hehe and one of them came over to take my orders. So I had a good breakfast there and was able to go online to read TheStar online news for a while before I head off to office again.

So thats all for now. I am at work and things is pretty smooth. My boss recovered from the shock of my resignation and we are in talking terms again :) .

Great start of my days..aaaaah... :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I am just a human.

Looking back and reflecting where I started and how I started brings me smile and sadness at the same time.

Happy when I think about obstacles that I have surpassed and the thrill of excitement everytime I celebrate for things I achieved in my life.

Sad when I think about the things I could have done so much better. Sometimes I wonder could it be because I dont have a parents to guide me since young, that I have to learn from knocking the walls and those are painful lesson to go through and it remains in my soul forever. Everytime the thoughts came, I will go through an emo moment again. sob... sob...(tears falling)

My parents will be my Godmom and ofcourse my cousins. I appreciate the life I have with them, and also the things they taught me but I think what sets me straight and make me strong is my books. My books are like my Father and Mother, playing an important role in my life. Thanks to God for bringing me the right books to read. My books are the one that taught me how to be a leader and bring back my self esteem, that teaches me to think right and not follow the old traditional way of thinking. Buddhism philopshy life of teaching is great too, although I am going into christianity I will always be grateful for the things that buddhism has taught me.

Just could not help but to wonder why does it takes so long for me to get all this books, why does it takes so long for me to understand things, cos just cant help to think I could have done so much better. I have no one to blame but myself for my lacking and ignorant in certain things. Somebody is so young but has done so much better than me. What has gone wrong in my life path, that I didnt learn the things he/she does ?

and why am I comparing with him? Is this to make me aware of what my exes is going through, they probably compare too and this is how it feel? Its worst if a woman is more successful isn't it?

I guess this is.. the moment.., another phase I go through to understand better.

Ok I guess I feel better now... so what am I going to do? Nicole..remember "one thing at a time!". Yeah... :)

Also I just remembered one more thing... that is why God blessed me with a young look hahaha. Slow to learn but I still look young... ok la.. hehe. Oh well I always feel so much better when I can look at the bright side of things. What to do, console myself lor, no one can understand what I am thinking and doing right now. I have to self motivate myself and continue to believe. I cannot afford to break down now... I got so much to do so that I can be a blessing to others in my life and also make my family proud.

Yup I feel so much better now :D

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day dreaming at work

i feel so dull at work? is it good to say tht... i dunno...
I had a economical fried mee hoon + one fried egg and drank soya bean. I in office now and feeling a bit sleepy.

I felt good everytime I remembered I have climbed the Broga Hill, travel to Kuching and meet so many people, did so many things that I never imagine I could do last time.

I need to talk to myself to recollect my focus again. Ok what needs to be done today?
E-Ticketing system - need to learn and present to sales people. Follow up on accessing the system tomorrow when the staff is back to work.
E-timesheet - explore the system and give my opinion. Need to do this first. Need to do quick demo.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Strategize my plan

What is my aim now in this current time of my life?
I want a good stable career.
I want love, passion and marriage. Kids can be after 1 or 2 years later.
I want to have lots of money to travel around the world.
I want to have a self running business, where my presence is not required. Money come in every month. I can go anywhere I want and not get tide down.

Now think what are the little steps to achieve those, do your work break down structures :)

Do Something

If you choose to wait with a purpose, it also means you are doing something.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Vision Lists

I will be very successful soon.

I will get a stable job that pays me well, nice environment to work in and offer me 5 months bonus :D

I have wonderful colleagues to work with, team work is there and I love my job.

I picked up Change Management easily and exceeded my supervisor expectation.

I eliminate all negative force that surrounds me.

I moved on and does not repeat same mistake.

My soul mate will find me this year and love will come, this time it will last for good and have a chance to build a family.

To me success means, have a successful relationship, loving & strong bonding with family, good career, great health, comfortable life, able to travel around the world and achieve great skills that I can applies from day to day basis (communication, great knowledge).

I feel better when I am in control in my life. I don't need friends who so kepoh... or belittling me.
I will remove all negative or any cringe factor in my life.

Yesterday I throw away a lot of old and unuse stuff which I found from the dinner table and from the kitchen. Felt so good doing that.

Its so freaking irritating to see things not organized. I dream of a house that is neatly organized, tastefully and romantically decorated ahhhh. this day will come for sure.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

48 Steps To a Happy Marriage....

Just found this old emails back in 2004, I must have kept it to prepare myself. I finally know whats going. Things like this is not always logical, dont always expect a logic answer. Yeah when we know how to express it , then it can become an answer to fulfill your doubt.

This is pretty good tips, but not all can apply for now...

1.* Start each day with a kiss.
2.* Wear your wedding ring at all times.
3.* Date once a week.
4.* Accept differences.
5.* Be polite.
6.* Be gentle.
7.* Give gifts.
8.* Smile often.
9.* Touch.
10.* Talk about dreams.
11.* Select a song that can be "our Song".
12.* Give back rubs.
13.* Laugh together.
14.* Send a card for no reason.
15.* Do what the other person wants before he or she asks.
16.* Listen.
17.* Encourage.
18.* Do it his or her way.
19.* Know his or her needs.
20.* Fix the other person's breakfast.
21.* Compliment twice a day.
22.* Call during the day.
23.* Slow down.
24.* Cuddle.
25.* Ask for each other's opinion.
26.* Show respect.
27.* Welcome the other person home.
28.* Look your best.
29.* Wink at each other.
30.* Celebrate birthdays in a big way.
31.* Apologize.
32.* Forgive.
33.* Set up a romantic getaway.
34.* Ask, "What can I do to make you happier?".
35.* Be positive.
36.* Be kind.
37.* Be vulnerable.
38.* Respond quickly to the other person's request.
39.* Talk about your love.
40.* Treat each other's friends and relatives with courtesy.
41.* Send flowers every Valentine's Day and anniversary.
42.* Admit when wrong.
43.* Pray for each other daily.
44.* Be sensitive to each other's sexual desires.
45.* Watch sunsets together.
46.* Say "I love you" frequently.
47.* End the day with a hug.
48.* Seek outside help when needed

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sleepy head

im so freaking sleepy now, cos all the late night phone conversation with Daniel. I havent felt like this for a long time, need to control myself and sleep early a bit. Yup his name is Daniel Tan. I know Mel would probably be laughing whe she read this, cos Celine and Benson already did when they heard his name lol.

I still cannot believe I got bf already, I know its one of the new year resolution thing I need to do, but never expect it to happen so soon. It just happen so fast and I am still wondering. And it happen after Earth Hour hahahahaha...

Serious lor very fast, I also met his parents and granma last weekend. Chinese christian wor... seems like God is trying to tell me its time is it, am not sure yet.

So far he seems so sweet and match a lot of criteria im looking for. But the problem is with me now, I still have not open up my heart fully. Lets see how this will work out and lets see whether how things goes after he met Ah Ma.

No he doesnt know about this blog, so Shhhhhhhhhhhhh......... hahaha

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sob sob. my office got broke into and I lost a lot of things

I got a phone call form my boss on Sunday afternoon that our office got robbed and it happened on earth hour evening last Saturday. The first thing that came into my mind was "Oh no, my external harddisk.!". sigh... our family photos, sweet memories, my exes, my achievements and success sob sob. research i have done.

I also lost the 2 company laptops which I left it in the office last Friday, my tiger mouse (I was quite proud of it, orange design was nice too) and sony headset (i like it so much, i finally completed my video production project because of using it). My project files and email histories is gone. I hope some miracle will happen and I can get it back.

I went to the office, my new bf came along too. Ok I know I havent break the news to you guys yet, I also didnt plan to have a bf so early, just somehow this guy manage to convince me last Saturday. Whoever read this blog later will know la, I dont need to explain further. So my dear nieces and nephew we gotta forget about the other 4 guys that was interested in me also yah. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random things that I want to remember and pray for Melissa

Yesterday was great. had a good breakfast (packed food from home cos didnt hav dinner on Monday), had tuna sandwich for lunch (save money) and came back home early from work and my godmom cooked such nice meal (fresh vegie, sambal udang kering, fried fish and fried boneless chicken fillet). Its a bit too overwhelming and I have a feeling I might have put on weight today after yesterday contributions haha.

So today I started breakfast with sardine bread, mini sausage bun and a mini croissant. I am not suppose to take anything to do with rice or flour, but these seems to be the most convenient food that I can get. Drinks? mostly water now, not making milo or coffee anymore. If I make tea, its ok also since I dont put sugar for tea drink. Must stay strong and have better control over my diet, otherwise all effort will be lost. I forgot my specs again today, yikes. Headache looking at this PC whole day without a specs. Today I must finish a very important documents and follow up on a few other projects.

To Melissa, all the best I know you are in there now, trying your best to bring new life to this world. Pray that both is safe, healthy and everything goes smoothly for you all in JB.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Why Monday Blues? its Happening Monday

Did a lot of work today, so my plan to MIJF did not go through. My brother didnt booked my ticket on time, and the rate increase additional 100++ and no more RM10 per ticket promotion:(. The trip is only for one night, so I think its not worth for me to go. There goes my new things to do this year. Did a lot of work and feeling quite satisfy. Joined my colleagues at the corner shop for lunch. An old friend, my former lady PM replied my email and we back to communicating with each other again. So I guess we both want to forget the past and come back as friends again. After work speed to Mid Valley & met up with my beauty friend. Before I left I manage to bought a nice sparkling golden bronzed egyptian style looking earings as a birthday gift.

Went attend a friend birthday gathering at Fidelle, Plaza TTDI. It was a nice place, my first time there. Apparently it was my girl friends chill out place, they like less crowd and posh environment looking area. It was Celeste's birthday and Im glad she like the earings I bought for her. Q'uann could not make it. If you ever go there, park at the Basement parking where its billable by hour, outside parking is RM 10. I parked in basement last night for more than 2 hours and I just paid RM 1.50.

I am glad I went, met a few business men, Datuks and corporate friends. Had a couple of very light whisky mix with lots of ice water hahaha, nuggets and spicy sausages. Suddenly a tall elderly man pull me out to show some dancing steps, I think its salsa steps, and I was like SHiiiT..! I should have practice my dance steps. Yup I kept looking at my feet and nothing go right. I guess he notice I am nervious, so he shift partner smoothly and dance with another girl haha. Its ok, not my time to show off yet, I will have my limelight one day. So I continue chit chatting with the others, sing birthday song, ate a piece of cake, I check my time its 11pm (gotta work tomorrow la) so I bid goodbye to everyone and ciao off. At least I have 2 new friends to add into my FB though.

When I reach home, I packed all the home cook food into a tupperware and brought to work for breakfast the next day. I could not eat at such late hours, so that was the best thing I could do and the food is not wasted. I had a good breakfast though.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Is Economy Killing Our Fun?

Is Economy Killing Our Fun? Nah I don’t want to think like that, it’s depressing if I believe that. So I’m sitting at home and trying to figure out what can I do to have fun without spending much. I don’t expect some folks to understand why I must have fun, some just think its nonsense, and well the new generation learns what stress management is and why it’s important that we manage it. I actually typed out a lot of anger words here but I deleted it. Sometimes I stop and think a lot before I publish anything here. sigh....

Economy downtime is leading people into depression, mood swing and being impatient. Who wouldn’t? when you don’t have money how do you feel? I just have to learn to stay at home during rainy days. I so wish my godmom can manage her depression, but people say her depression can only be cured with money, now isn’t that sad? Nope I don’t believe that, there must be something that we can do besides money. Economy is down, we can’t control that, but managing the stress at home we can.

What did I tell you, didn’t I warn you? The storm is coming and it has happen today.

So what can we do now to reduce the stress at home and no need to spend money:

  1. Ensure everything in the house look neat and nice.
  2. Don’t allow rooms for argument to start. Be nice to each other, take turns to use the computer.
  3. Think about the past things that will be use to nag at you, try not to allow that.
  4. Sleep early if you have to wake up early.
  5. Teenagers! Don’t go out on weekend, hold a book and study all the time especially when you are seen.
  6. Everybody do your duty in the house promptly, pay bills on time, take our rubbish daily, take in clothes daily and fold it.
  7. Every Friday night and Saturday night, ask Ah Ma whether she need a ride to go market ( in advance action I think can safe the day to be more pleasant )
  8. Anyone, just give Ah Ma a shoulder massages daily to release her tension.
  9. Everyone take turns to talk to her, tell her about your day. Give her nice story if you have one.
  10. Let’s start to cook on weekend. Take turns ok; we are so darn tired I know.

So what can we do to have fun for free or spend cheaply?

  1. Swimming Haha, Celine and I went today to Aquatic Centre, Bukit Jalil its only RM5 per entrance and I get to exercise too. The pool is clear, less crowd, spacious and cooling. But ofcourse if you dont want to spend at all, get a friend that stay in condo and find your friend to swim together :)
  2. Draw and color. Whether you use paper or use PC software to draw will be fun too. Draw something nice, like how your future going to be, your dream house, dream girl or guy, etc. For me I think I need to draw 8 gold fish and decorate my room. Feng shui lol.
  3. Do facial, beauty care at home. Do Spa bath, body scrub. Wow I just love that.
  4. Get your friend to visit our house. Guest in the house always bring energy and calming the environment of the house, dont you feel it? everyone just have no choice but to smile and talk to your guest.
  5. Play indoor games (Pick up Stick, Monopoly, UNO, Computer games (this is not so preferred cos other family members cannot join and it cost more electricity). Get your friends over to join the indoor board games.
  6. Blog. be wise on your timing to blog.
  7. Read! Read the books in my library shelf. I got archie comics, magazines, computer books, business, marketing, recipe etc. Ok sorry not much romance book I notice.
  8. Sports activities (badminton, basketball)
  9. Learn how to solve the ruby cubes puzzle. Yeah I know Benroy can do that already, I havent learn it yet.
  10. Learn guitar or drum since we have those. Me no im not interested, maybe guitar :D
  11. Me need to learn VB.NET. Learning new software or programming language would be my choice.
  12. Make sandwich and go picnic at nice lake and gardens. All together.
  13. Borrow from/ exchange movie with friends and watch with all at home.

Thats all I can think of now, until here... if you got better ideas feel free to give comment :)

Night....sleeping now.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

St. Theresa's Prayer

I received this prayer early this morning and so I wished for my next job that I get the package that I wished for with very nice environment to work in and that I will enjoy my work in the new place. And may I find my soul mate this year and all my family members is healthy and doing well.

St. Theresa's Prayer:
'May today there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others. May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content with yourself just the way you are. Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us.'

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spontaneous Sunday

Last night had a very long tele-chat with Amir, wah not bad he is in
medical study for 5 years now, still got 2 more years to go but he
already calling himself a Doctor. Anyway he taught me to use Google Talk, so he call me via Google Talk and my god... so clear and loud, its better than a normal fixed line phone.

Today woke up when hearing Benroy and Celine getting ready for
church. It was a spontaneous decision that I decided I go to church
after all. I think I have been influence by a friend recently to do
spontaneous action . He told me not everything must be planned
earlier, sometimes its more fun when it is a spontaneous moment.
So I woke up and got ready to go St. Paul. Celine and Benroy left
with their friends, I went a bit late and was sitting alone but its
fine. There was an elderly man who is assisting me in the church. I
also went to get the pastor blessing too. Then join them for morning
refreshment at the canteen church. Had Milo and crackers.
Tried calling my girl-friend for breakfast but her phone is off. So I
decided to go Solaris for breakfast but in the end I ended up in
Hartamas sitting in Exotic Vietnamese Restaurant which is quite
affordable type. I found a new type of beancurd dish here looks yum
yum. I am actually sitting at the open air restaurant area, with this
big fan blowing at my hair and I am feeling really good, so I decided
to blog about this. Just had the feel to blog haha.

The food came and the rice noodles with spring roll gave me a
nutritous feeling and yeah it taste nice and healthy. And then the
beancurd was good, but its just fried beancurd with basil leaves.
And then my plan to go Starbuck Mont Kiara to work there peacefully
didnt work out, cos I suddenly remember muahahahah my niece and
nephew not at home and I can use the table to work, no need to sit on
my room floor so difficult. Therefore I can work peacefully at home
too, provided my ideas is not dry.
Aiyohh that video solution production is not fully done yet. Major
pending on my side, need to quickly speed up the progress. I need to
be creative now.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Moment of thoughts and life balancing

Family and house is operating smoothly, things gotten so much better in the house. I dont hear my godmom screaming in the house anymore. She also hired a new cleaner (thank god she lost the old cleaner phone number) which is superbly done a good job at cleaning up the whole house. Benroy folding his clothes and taking out rubbish daily, become so independant no more mummy's baby boy.

Hope I will continue to do well at work, although my workload has increased. This year got KPIs set, need to manage project budget and costing, thus managing 3 countries project as well as the resources for it. Already set up the structures on how I am going to do it, whether it actually work in reality I am not very sure, but I know when things get near I know answer will appear in my head and I will know what to do. With God at my sides I know I never fear, no matter what obstacles ahead of me I know I will be able to survived. I think I handle today matters well, quite satisfied with the decision I made.

Communicated back with an old acquiantance. A person whom I discussed project work together 3 years ago. I found a new friend to hang out with. A person who teached at university and love salsa and spanish music. Mmm suprisingly can teach me VB Dot Net and salsa dance, I hope this time I will be able to learn. My colleagues who promise to teach me dot net is now pregnant and often not well, so we no longer mentioned about it and I dont expect her to teach either.

Life has been interesting when I get to hang out with this new friend, but for how long I am not sure. Its been fun, never have a boring day with this friend.

Evening time, I went to Solaris Public Bank to pay rental and then hang out at Mont Kiara Starbuck myself, sipping a Ice Vanilla Latte, reading my Japan Diet book and enjoying listening to the water fountain. That calm me down and give me satisfaction. I bought a CD slow dance of the 80s collection and I listen on the way driving home and that was not so relieving, I should not listen to it now.

So far so good, one of my new year resolution is to do new things I have never done before. I have many ventures so far and it has been exciting :)

Late night now, gotta sleep. Until here only...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday Night outing with Q'uann

Just came back from The Curve, Q'uann and I went to watch All Well Ends Well, CNY movie. Anyway its expected to have a happy ending and easy to digest type of movie, but too many additional scene that is not necessary, especially dont like the body turning part when they fall in love in that movie.

Weird things happen though, before movie we went and have a Salmon Pizza at the Empress Cafe, while chit chatting for some time, my glass drink just exploded and the glass shattered everywhere. Most of the people nearby like me was in shock. Its just a glass of Perrier with ice, is it the pressure, too cold or what I am not sure. Q'uann kept consoling me and saying that it is ok, we are consider fortunate as the glass did not hit our face or hurt us. Yeah she is right, but I just cant help wondering whether I said or done anything wrong, is this a sign of something Im not so sure. The pizza also have little pieces of glass on top. The waitress and waitress kept apologizing, they were nice and brought us a new Salmon Pizza later after the incident. So we ate the second pizza till no more, and we both were feeling so full.

Nevertheless, I felt good going out and this time I felt our friendship extended to another level as now not only I share but she share her story too.

Anyway later Saturday noon, going gown hunting with Emmeline. So happy for her, she found her loves ones. Night also got an appointment already but I am still not sure where to go yet and what to wear?

Work is darn a lot, but I can still hold on for now, not sure whether I can cope up in future. Datelines getting nearer and I gotta submit 2 video presentation on top of the many projects I am handling, he really think I am supergirl. Hope things will work out better for me and I am able to change my situation.

Next Monday Emme invited me to Pao Gum event, mmm never done this before, but this year I told myself I do more new things, things I dont normally do, so I should go. Just like watching movie alone some weeks ago and I felt good after that. First time experience feeling is usually exciting.

Japan Diet book is still laying on my bed and I have only manage to finish reading half. This year resolution also to complete reading books that I bought. So I am making sure that I complete it. Reading books has really benefited me, the Japan diet book also help me lost some weight :)

Well till here only. going to sleep now..... Zzzzzzzz

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Company Laptop Finally

Carrying the old company laptop was so painful for my shoulder and back. I hav been telling this numerous time to my boss and finally this year something was done, and after fixing up all the firewall and user configuration stuff, I got it today.

Such a sexy red laptop and quite powerful, the download were really fast. But its Vista Home, I am the first user in the company and must provide feedback on how Vista Home compare to XP Pro OS.
But I hope the laptop bag come back, my boss took it cos his spoilt. It sucks to use a old bag when the laptop is new lol.
Anyway not complaining much, cos at least i get it and it will be lighter now, look more professional also :) thank you very much boss.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Amazing December 2008

Last December was a terrific month. Just when I thought my birthday I would probably celebrate alone, Wan's flight to Australia was postpone to 25th Dec 08 so I did celebrate my birthday with him on 9th Dec earlier a bit but till midnight when it reach 10th :), I got a nice dinner treat from Wan and he bought me a set of furniture that comes with a dressing table (oh so nice finally get a big mirror and proper table for makeup), a queen size bed, white cover sliding wardrobe cupboard and a mini bed table. That was quite a gift as I really needed to buy that in my room but was postponing it cos I thought I just buy one at a time. I saw the receipt overall cost was RM888 together with installation and delivery charges, nice number ehh. Thank you so much :)

On 10th Dec, I drove to JB together with my godmom, Benson and Celine. It was fun going to JB with them. Cos we just have so much in common, we like eat a lot (we started with KFC sate stick lol), listen to musics and talk a lot ahahhahaha. Benson drove the last half of the journey.

And then yeah we have nice dinner with Ben and wife Pat, Benroy. It was a nice chinese restaurant in JB that is very affordable. The next day 11th Dec we sort of hang out I think if my memory does not betray me we hang out at Jusco and later that evening Jason & family, Vincent and family, Maggie and her sister Linda from the Yap side together with the Niap sides of the family all came and all of us have dinner at the same chinese restaurant. It was a nice sight ofcourse to see the Yap brothers stepping their foot into Ben's house. It was the day that is hard to forget, naively I thought maybe its time for forgiveness and forget. Thinking both sides had found their religion things could be better, but sadly I realized that all that is for the front show.

12th Dec, it was the day Melissa woke up early and preparing herself as a bride. Light food and packet drinks on table were placed at the entrance of the house welcoming visitors, Benroy open the wedding car door for Yen Fah, the door game was played, the tea ceremony was completed, Ben gave a nice speech to bless the couple, I gave away angpow standing lol, some of us drove to Yen Fah house, it was a semi banglo single storey house, kind of nice and well kept. At night, it was the dinner, the ceremonial christian wedding was perform at the restaurant, dinner was nice followed with karaoke singing from both bride and groom sides family. Maggie dance performance was an icing of the cake for best entertaining. Departing time, mom feel sad and burst out crying, I cannot take it and I silently join her in tears, although I tried to hide it, but that freaking camera guy caught me in action, if I know I would delete it or probably accidentally push him so he can fall down hard and the camera spoilt muahahahhaha.

13th Lyna wedding registration. Shopping wit godmom buying Melissa maternity clothes and bought myself 2 clothes.

14th Went to church and breakfast with Melissa and her new hubby Fa Fa. Ben show his love by ordering half boiled egg for Melissa to eat. Pat as usual smiling always. Mom as usual worry about Melissa, gave Fa Fa a lot of advice what to do and what not to do, what she can eat and what she cannot eat during her pregnancy.

Went to back to KL.

15th I was still on leave.

to be continue...