Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Amazing December 2008

Last December was a terrific month. Just when I thought my birthday I would probably celebrate alone, Wan's flight to Australia was postpone to 25th Dec 08 so I did celebrate my birthday with him on 9th Dec earlier a bit but till midnight when it reach 10th :), I got a nice dinner treat from Wan and he bought me a set of furniture that comes with a dressing table (oh so nice finally get a big mirror and proper table for makeup), a queen size bed, white cover sliding wardrobe cupboard and a mini bed table. That was quite a gift as I really needed to buy that in my room but was postponing it cos I thought I just buy one at a time. I saw the receipt overall cost was RM888 together with installation and delivery charges, nice number ehh. Thank you so much :)

On 10th Dec, I drove to JB together with my godmom, Benson and Celine. It was fun going to JB with them. Cos we just have so much in common, we like eat a lot (we started with KFC sate stick lol), listen to musics and talk a lot ahahhahaha. Benson drove the last half of the journey.

And then yeah we have nice dinner with Ben and wife Pat, Benroy. It was a nice chinese restaurant in JB that is very affordable. The next day 11th Dec we sort of hang out I think if my memory does not betray me we hang out at Jusco and later that evening Jason & family, Vincent and family, Maggie and her sister Linda from the Yap side together with the Niap sides of the family all came and all of us have dinner at the same chinese restaurant. It was a nice sight ofcourse to see the Yap brothers stepping their foot into Ben's house. It was the day that is hard to forget, naively I thought maybe its time for forgiveness and forget. Thinking both sides had found their religion things could be better, but sadly I realized that all that is for the front show.

12th Dec, it was the day Melissa woke up early and preparing herself as a bride. Light food and packet drinks on table were placed at the entrance of the house welcoming visitors, Benroy open the wedding car door for Yen Fah, the door game was played, the tea ceremony was completed, Ben gave a nice speech to bless the couple, I gave away angpow standing lol, some of us drove to Yen Fah house, it was a semi banglo single storey house, kind of nice and well kept. At night, it was the dinner, the ceremonial christian wedding was perform at the restaurant, dinner was nice followed with karaoke singing from both bride and groom sides family. Maggie dance performance was an icing of the cake for best entertaining. Departing time, mom feel sad and burst out crying, I cannot take it and I silently join her in tears, although I tried to hide it, but that freaking camera guy caught me in action, if I know I would delete it or probably accidentally push him so he can fall down hard and the camera spoilt muahahahhaha.

13th Lyna wedding registration. Shopping wit godmom buying Melissa maternity clothes and bought myself 2 clothes.

14th Went to church and breakfast with Melissa and her new hubby Fa Fa. Ben show his love by ordering half boiled egg for Melissa to eat. Pat as usual smiling always. Mom as usual worry about Melissa, gave Fa Fa a lot of advice what to do and what not to do, what she can eat and what she cannot eat during her pregnancy.

Went to back to KL.

15th I was still on leave.

to be continue...

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