Friday, July 17, 2009

Vision Lists

I will be very successful soon.

I will get a stable job that pays me well, nice environment to work in and offer me 5 months bonus :D

I have wonderful colleagues to work with, team work is there and I love my job.

I picked up Change Management easily and exceeded my supervisor expectation.

I eliminate all negative force that surrounds me.

I moved on and does not repeat same mistake.

My soul mate will find me this year and love will come, this time it will last for good and have a chance to build a family.

To me success means, have a successful relationship, loving & strong bonding with family, good career, great health, comfortable life, able to travel around the world and achieve great skills that I can applies from day to day basis (communication, great knowledge).

I feel better when I am in control in my life. I don't need friends who so kepoh... or belittling me.
I will remove all negative or any cringe factor in my life.

Yesterday I throw away a lot of old and unuse stuff which I found from the dinner table and from the kitchen. Felt so good doing that.

Its so freaking irritating to see things not organized. I dream of a house that is neatly organized, tastefully and romantically decorated ahhhh. this day will come for sure.

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