Monday, March 16, 2009

Why Monday Blues? its Happening Monday

Did a lot of work today, so my plan to MIJF did not go through. My brother didnt booked my ticket on time, and the rate increase additional 100++ and no more RM10 per ticket promotion:(. The trip is only for one night, so I think its not worth for me to go. There goes my new things to do this year. Did a lot of work and feeling quite satisfy. Joined my colleagues at the corner shop for lunch. An old friend, my former lady PM replied my email and we back to communicating with each other again. So I guess we both want to forget the past and come back as friends again. After work speed to Mid Valley & met up with my beauty friend. Before I left I manage to bought a nice sparkling golden bronzed egyptian style looking earings as a birthday gift.

Went attend a friend birthday gathering at Fidelle, Plaza TTDI. It was a nice place, my first time there. Apparently it was my girl friends chill out place, they like less crowd and posh environment looking area. It was Celeste's birthday and Im glad she like the earings I bought for her. Q'uann could not make it. If you ever go there, park at the Basement parking where its billable by hour, outside parking is RM 10. I parked in basement last night for more than 2 hours and I just paid RM 1.50.

I am glad I went, met a few business men, Datuks and corporate friends. Had a couple of very light whisky mix with lots of ice water hahaha, nuggets and spicy sausages. Suddenly a tall elderly man pull me out to show some dancing steps, I think its salsa steps, and I was like SHiiiT..! I should have practice my dance steps. Yup I kept looking at my feet and nothing go right. I guess he notice I am nervious, so he shift partner smoothly and dance with another girl haha. Its ok, not my time to show off yet, I will have my limelight one day. So I continue chit chatting with the others, sing birthday song, ate a piece of cake, I check my time its 11pm (gotta work tomorrow la) so I bid goodbye to everyone and ciao off. At least I have 2 new friends to add into my FB though.

When I reach home, I packed all the home cook food into a tupperware and brought to work for breakfast the next day. I could not eat at such late hours, so that was the best thing I could do and the food is not wasted. I had a good breakfast though.

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