Sunday, March 15, 2009

Is Economy Killing Our Fun?

Is Economy Killing Our Fun? Nah I don’t want to think like that, it’s depressing if I believe that. So I’m sitting at home and trying to figure out what can I do to have fun without spending much. I don’t expect some folks to understand why I must have fun, some just think its nonsense, and well the new generation learns what stress management is and why it’s important that we manage it. I actually typed out a lot of anger words here but I deleted it. Sometimes I stop and think a lot before I publish anything here. sigh....

Economy downtime is leading people into depression, mood swing and being impatient. Who wouldn’t? when you don’t have money how do you feel? I just have to learn to stay at home during rainy days. I so wish my godmom can manage her depression, but people say her depression can only be cured with money, now isn’t that sad? Nope I don’t believe that, there must be something that we can do besides money. Economy is down, we can’t control that, but managing the stress at home we can.

What did I tell you, didn’t I warn you? The storm is coming and it has happen today.

So what can we do now to reduce the stress at home and no need to spend money:

  1. Ensure everything in the house look neat and nice.
  2. Don’t allow rooms for argument to start. Be nice to each other, take turns to use the computer.
  3. Think about the past things that will be use to nag at you, try not to allow that.
  4. Sleep early if you have to wake up early.
  5. Teenagers! Don’t go out on weekend, hold a book and study all the time especially when you are seen.
  6. Everybody do your duty in the house promptly, pay bills on time, take our rubbish daily, take in clothes daily and fold it.
  7. Every Friday night and Saturday night, ask Ah Ma whether she need a ride to go market ( in advance action I think can safe the day to be more pleasant )
  8. Anyone, just give Ah Ma a shoulder massages daily to release her tension.
  9. Everyone take turns to talk to her, tell her about your day. Give her nice story if you have one.
  10. Let’s start to cook on weekend. Take turns ok; we are so darn tired I know.

So what can we do to have fun for free or spend cheaply?

  1. Swimming Haha, Celine and I went today to Aquatic Centre, Bukit Jalil its only RM5 per entrance and I get to exercise too. The pool is clear, less crowd, spacious and cooling. But ofcourse if you dont want to spend at all, get a friend that stay in condo and find your friend to swim together :)
  2. Draw and color. Whether you use paper or use PC software to draw will be fun too. Draw something nice, like how your future going to be, your dream house, dream girl or guy, etc. For me I think I need to draw 8 gold fish and decorate my room. Feng shui lol.
  3. Do facial, beauty care at home. Do Spa bath, body scrub. Wow I just love that.
  4. Get your friend to visit our house. Guest in the house always bring energy and calming the environment of the house, dont you feel it? everyone just have no choice but to smile and talk to your guest.
  5. Play indoor games (Pick up Stick, Monopoly, UNO, Computer games (this is not so preferred cos other family members cannot join and it cost more electricity). Get your friends over to join the indoor board games.
  6. Blog. be wise on your timing to blog.
  7. Read! Read the books in my library shelf. I got archie comics, magazines, computer books, business, marketing, recipe etc. Ok sorry not much romance book I notice.
  8. Sports activities (badminton, basketball)
  9. Learn how to solve the ruby cubes puzzle. Yeah I know Benroy can do that already, I havent learn it yet.
  10. Learn guitar or drum since we have those. Me no im not interested, maybe guitar :D
  11. Me need to learn VB.NET. Learning new software or programming language would be my choice.
  12. Make sandwich and go picnic at nice lake and gardens. All together.
  13. Borrow from/ exchange movie with friends and watch with all at home.

Thats all I can think of now, until here... if you got better ideas feel free to give comment :)

Night....sleeping now.

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