Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spontaneous Sunday

Last night had a very long tele-chat with Amir, wah not bad he is in
medical study for 5 years now, still got 2 more years to go but he
already calling himself a Doctor. Anyway he taught me to use Google Talk, so he call me via Google Talk and my god... so clear and loud, its better than a normal fixed line phone.

Today woke up when hearing Benroy and Celine getting ready for
church. It was a spontaneous decision that I decided I go to church
after all. I think I have been influence by a friend recently to do
spontaneous action . He told me not everything must be planned
earlier, sometimes its more fun when it is a spontaneous moment.
So I woke up and got ready to go St. Paul. Celine and Benroy left
with their friends, I went a bit late and was sitting alone but its
fine. There was an elderly man who is assisting me in the church. I
also went to get the pastor blessing too. Then join them for morning
refreshment at the canteen church. Had Milo and crackers.
Tried calling my girl-friend for breakfast but her phone is off. So I
decided to go Solaris for breakfast but in the end I ended up in
Hartamas sitting in Exotic Vietnamese Restaurant which is quite
affordable type. I found a new type of beancurd dish here looks yum
yum. I am actually sitting at the open air restaurant area, with this
big fan blowing at my hair and I am feeling really good, so I decided
to blog about this. Just had the feel to blog haha.

The food came and the rice noodles with spring roll gave me a
nutritous feeling and yeah it taste nice and healthy. And then the
beancurd was good, but its just fried beancurd with basil leaves.
And then my plan to go Starbuck Mont Kiara to work there peacefully
didnt work out, cos I suddenly remember muahahahah my niece and
nephew not at home and I can use the table to work, no need to sit on
my room floor so difficult. Therefore I can work peacefully at home
too, provided my ideas is not dry.
Aiyohh that video solution production is not fully done yet. Major
pending on my side, need to quickly speed up the progress. I need to
be creative now.

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