Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Moment of thoughts and life balancing

Family and house is operating smoothly, things gotten so much better in the house. I dont hear my godmom screaming in the house anymore. She also hired a new cleaner (thank god she lost the old cleaner phone number) which is superbly done a good job at cleaning up the whole house. Benroy folding his clothes and taking out rubbish daily, become so independant no more mummy's baby boy.

Hope I will continue to do well at work, although my workload has increased. This year got KPIs set, need to manage project budget and costing, thus managing 3 countries project as well as the resources for it. Already set up the structures on how I am going to do it, whether it actually work in reality I am not very sure, but I know when things get near I know answer will appear in my head and I will know what to do. With God at my sides I know I never fear, no matter what obstacles ahead of me I know I will be able to survived. I think I handle today matters well, quite satisfied with the decision I made.

Communicated back with an old acquiantance. A person whom I discussed project work together 3 years ago. I found a new friend to hang out with. A person who teached at university and love salsa and spanish music. Mmm suprisingly can teach me VB Dot Net and salsa dance, I hope this time I will be able to learn. My colleagues who promise to teach me dot net is now pregnant and often not well, so we no longer mentioned about it and I dont expect her to teach either.

Life has been interesting when I get to hang out with this new friend, but for how long I am not sure. Its been fun, never have a boring day with this friend.

Evening time, I went to Solaris Public Bank to pay rental and then hang out at Mont Kiara Starbuck myself, sipping a Ice Vanilla Latte, reading my Japan Diet book and enjoying listening to the water fountain. That calm me down and give me satisfaction. I bought a CD slow dance of the 80s collection and I listen on the way driving home and that was not so relieving, I should not listen to it now.

So far so good, one of my new year resolution is to do new things I have never done before. I have many ventures so far and it has been exciting :)

Late night now, gotta sleep. Until here only...

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