Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sleepy head

im so freaking sleepy now, cos all the late night phone conversation with Daniel. I havent felt like this for a long time, need to control myself and sleep early a bit. Yup his name is Daniel Tan. I know Mel would probably be laughing whe she read this, cos Celine and Benson already did when they heard his name lol.

I still cannot believe I got bf already, I know its one of the new year resolution thing I need to do, but never expect it to happen so soon. It just happen so fast and I am still wondering. And it happen after Earth Hour hahahahaha...

Serious lor very fast, I also met his parents and granma last weekend. Chinese christian wor... seems like God is trying to tell me its time is it, am not sure yet.

So far he seems so sweet and match a lot of criteria im looking for. But the problem is with me now, I still have not open up my heart fully. Lets see how this will work out and lets see whether how things goes after he met Ah Ma.

No he doesnt know about this blog, so Shhhhhhhhhhhhh......... hahaha

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