Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Myvi is ready for collection and Deepavali coming :)

Yahoo..! :D I got news today that car loan is approved and my car has arrived. Its ready for collection yeah...! Ofcourse I am going to miss the Volvo, its such a cool car, but its not mine.

My silver lady gone, now I am getting Lady Pearl myvi.. new model. Work is so hectic this few days, but I been able to work at night and have good focus so no more pressure.

I am looking forward to my Melaka friend Birthday weekend hang out and Deepavali now, my childhood friend Vimala kept reminding me that it is my duty every Deepavali I show up at her house and I am suppose to block the whole day of my time to be in her house only. So I told her better prepare a room for me to sleep and we chit chat cos I am coming alone this year, and make sure cut off all the fat when cooking the mutton cube curry, cook some sambal and fried a lot of appalam. She reacted "Wahh you think hotel ar!" lol but ofcourse after all the noise in the end she said ahh ok ok sure... then she said "make sure dont bring cake this time" haha lucky still got one childhood friend. Mmm what to get ahh this year, Donuts & Wine? Somehow childhood friend can accept whatever bad things you say and they never get angry and they just know that you dont mean it. Even our communication sucks at time didnt give the proper message, we understand and just dont bother about details or trying to proof each other wrong.

Although long time we didnt see each other we always still have a close bond. Ahhh... i remember those days where we use to take pictures infront of a 'jamban' or behind other people house garden, cos we are shy then and dont want people to see us when we taking pictures so we have to hide ourself until like that.


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