Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ferrero Rocher

I saw ferrero rocher in 7 eleven today and thought why not I try it. After all, I never have the heart to buy due to the price. But today I thought I should just treat myself. It cost me RM4.20 for 3 pieces, not the usual way I would spend for chocolate. Infact I dont normally buy chocolate for myself. Cos the ROI is not that good hahaha, but only lose by gaining weight lol.
I feel happy that I bought it, and it is very satisfying. I just dont care about the price and buy something just like that. Ofcourse there will be consequences, tonight I just need to go gym and work it out. Spending time at my gf hse also, its easy not to have a heavy dinner. We usually just drink hot soup. Thanks to my gf and her very nice mom for the hot soup. Her parents are very nice people. Um.. dont think wrong, ah ma also got cook soup, her cooking is very tasty, so very hard to diet.

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