Saturday, September 6, 2008

Booked a Myvi 1.3L EZi

I kept insisting to get the special edition before I view the new model. Luckily my cousin brother Jason is quite persistent, he asked me to look at the new model and compare it physically then only decide. When I saw the new model in the perodua showroom at Taman Bahagia PJ, I know I should get it, the 1.3L EZi. Most of the new specs Perodua has include in this new model is something I find very convenient and useful. It was the USB, MP3, WMA, electronic side mirror, mirror for passenger and the driver, mostly the interior design and the UV filter glass that won my heart. Truly a car for lady, both side got mirror, cool...! Other than that the design is almost the same as previous Myvi. On top of that it is cheaper than special edition, plus I dont like the skirting for special edition (problem going through high bump on the road), I just like the leather seat and the rim. There is a lot more things I like about the Ezi. Having a UV protection window is what I really need to get for my new car anyway, now since it comes with it then no need to spend extra money.

So yeah paid RM1K to booked it, I chose the pearl white colour, always wanted pearl white :) . The salesperson told me I can get my car in October month, but no exact date promised to me. Yeah... that is just a month so its ok.

Meanwhile I got another problem, I need to find the Kancil HLB loan release letter soon, otherwise I cant trade it, if I cant trade in then I dont have enough money to pay for my new car.

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