Thursday, June 12, 2008

Project Delivery Process suitable for E-commerce Website design

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An ecommerce delivery process is equally as important as its underlying software. Netconcepts takes a team based project management approach to ecommerce website design and development.

Our Delivery methodology follows a structured path that has been validated with the implementation of many clients. Typical implementation is 12-16 weeks and includes a project manager and team of experienced developers. It’s the project manager’s responsibility to drive the work through our design and development process.

GravityMarket’s Delivery Overview
- Project Planning
- Website Specification
- Creative & User Interface Design
- Implementation, Development & Configuration
- Content Loading
- System Testing
- Training & Acceptance Testing

Netconcepts clients are a part of their project’s team, and receive weekly project reports on progress.

Project Planning
A unique feature of GravityMarket is its flexibility and its ability to be customized to meet our client’s unique business situations. A key element is structuring the data, both inbound and outbound, so that the interaction between the data and the website is seamless.

Website Specification
Netconcepts works with the client to define unique business rules related to their operation, and any customizations required. A specification document is prepared and agreed to prior to development work beginning.

Netconcepts then performs keyword research to determine how customers are shopping for and finding the client’s products. This research guides the content development so that the verbiage that describes products and services contains the words that are used by the shopper. This assists with search engine rankings and relevancy.

Creative & User Interface Design
Based on the specifications and research, Netconcepts develops a creative concept for the site, and works with the client’s marketing team to incorporate the desired branding elements. Once approved, templates are built for the pages within the site.

Implementation, Development & Configuration
During the implementation phase, Netconcepts’ development team builds the site architecture and configures the site to match the business rules defined in the specification. All customization work is also completed during this phase.

Content Loading and System Testing
Once the platform is implemented and configured, it is ready to accept content. Netconcepts works with the client to write and format content to support the best practices of search engine optimization. Content is then loaded into the site via the GravityMarket Administrative tool, or electronically via file transfer or integration.
When the content is loaded, the site is rigorously tested by advanced Netconcepts personnel.

Training & Acceptance Testing
What good is a new technology without instructions? We take the time to train our clients and walk them through the in’s and out’s of the GravityMarket ecommerce platform. Through our highly developed interface, clients’ can administer optimization, merchandising, promotion, and much more. When the client has thoroughly tested their new site and is satisfied, it is time to push the site live.

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