Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who Ate My Marshmallow...!?

Work late today then still went to gym, came back home very hungry. Thought I munch some marshmallow but its gone. The plastic cover is seen in the dustbin. Ask around, found out Benson has a craved for marshmallow, I think so cos he wallop the whole bag. Anyway its ok I had one yesterday together with Kei Kei. Thanks to the person that bought it for me :) I like cos I didnt expect, but then I got. yeahh..!

Told Celine I am gonna blog about the above title header and she was like "good, you are heading to the path of becoming a true blogger" Heh? well not sure about that. I just feel like blogging a lot this month. Partly cos I felt anything I want to say, no one can stop me or feel offended here and I can really pour out & then I am able to reset myself again. Recharge and get going. Also I feel like sharing things with my family members who care. I think its cool that all my family members blog, its really easy to keep in touch with you all.

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