Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Back to work after an amazing and wonderful weekend at Serendah

I had the most amazing and wonderful weekend. Today get back to work, but feeling good. Still thinking about the Serendah trip, but I had to tell myself "Stop! now I am back to work, so lets focus on getting things done". I had to think like that, this month is an important month that I had planned for the project. I am going to see that it complete successfully. Thank God my request was approved, my colleagues from other state flew in.

Monday morning as usual I receive calls from clients, dealing with questions everyday. I have begun to feel more relax in handling things at work and just treat it like my normal work routine.

Waited for them to let me know when they reach, well it never came. By lunch time I could not wait any longer, I send sms and I got a reply that they have reach KL and is checking in to the hotel. Alright I happily enjoyed my lunch session with my colleagues, had Nasi Kerabu today at Ulang, seems to be visited by Ah Sien from Astro before. The taste is ok only. My colleagues like the fried chicken though and they quite happy with the whole set package. I tasted better Nasi Kerabu but I forgotten where, mmm maybe its at the food court inside Maybank building, located in Pudu, behind the indian temple.

Back to office, they finally arrived and collected the laptop. Oh god why one of them wear so casual as if going to play baseball. I encourage and drove them back to hotel to change and be more prepared. Then, we went for meeting. Meeting was quite lengthy, end about 7:30pm. Drove them back and I head home straight. Yeah its too late and I got no mood for gym, I wanted to rest.

You must be wondering why am I blogging still, just dont want to forget what I wanted to write hehe and I want to remember this day in future for my own reference la :P . Quite sleepy now, hit the bed now. ZZZzzzzzzzzzz........

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