Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Life Tracking List as at Sept 2013

Household matter:
1. Mosquitoes, please move out. I hate to kill you.
F/up: I tried using long pants for a while and it actually work until one mosquito start biting my face. Im' sorry you leave me no choice, i bought a mosquito trap instead so far so good.

Beauty & Health:
1. Please sleep early, at least before 12am. Need to rest the brain, contest coming soon okay!
2. Haircut - find a new style that is nice for me.Done. I am quite happy with my new hairstyle. Something different, I went for scalp and hair steam treatment. At least my hair now looks smooth and more neat.
3. Go facial - it's been a long time I didn't go.
4. Swimming - try to go at least once a week for now. I know you not use to routine, but you have to try okay! for your own good, please do it!
New addition in this category. Unbelievable, instead of doing the things I plan earlier, I went for Bone Adjustment treatment on 29 Sept 2013. Well, I have always wanted to get my back cured badly. So far I did felt the improvement but it's too soon to tell. Anyway, this is a long story and I plan to write another post for this one. Bottomline, the Doc says I can't run too. He said the same thing I have to go for swimming, no running :( .

Next for Personal Development:
Communication and Writing skills:
1. Complete my speech 9 - target date 26 Aug.
2. Complete my speech 10 - target date 23 Sept by Dec 2013
3. I really need to read the books I bought. Must finish reading at least 1 this month.

F/ up: Doing very well here. Yup I completed my speech 9 on 26 Aug as scheduled, it was also a contest but never thought I won first, Champion wow. So I had to go to the next round, Area Contest two weeks later and then wow...! I won again. Most of my time spent in practicing speech 9 and improving it and there were some pressures. So now I am waiting for the next level of contest in 1st week of Oct. So yeah I have postponed my speech 10. I am thinking to do that after all the contest is over.
No 3? nope have not done that yet :( . I know, I know reading book is good.

1. Find out , find out , find out whats going on. How the market behave and how US movement impact us. He is telling me something, I kind of understand something, but not able to relate in totality. Seriously, I have to understand, that is the road to be rich & I should find out and understand it.
2. Start tracking all the identified stocks via Bloomberg charts. Post it on the cardboard you bought, I mean you bought it long time ago. What the hell its doing on standing at the side of the wall on the floor?
3. Find out the charges through the new source given. I got a feeling the broker doesn't seems to be telling me the whole thing that I should know. Better invest manually online since the rates are way cheaper.
F/up: Side track a bit. I went to youtube instead, to try to understand all the jargons and terms used in the invesment sector. Then, I did bought some shares right after Bernanke announced US not going to stop printing money. So far its making a little money, lets hope US wont change their mind for now. I cant say I understand how the market behave but I am getting a little hang of it now.
F/up 2: Oct 1 I begun to realized the categories of my investment is now REITS, FI, MEDIAs, Gambling, Millwork and ICT Training. I need one more.......... Health ofcourse! why didn't I though of it earlier hahaha.
I think need a separate page for this investment topic mmm....

1. To have a neat and organized table suits to my flow of work.- F/up, been cleaning my desk everyday Monday morning. Spray lemon anti-bacteria and wipe my table clean before i start my work. I love it, it smells good and clean and I feel good when I work. I wish I could better handle the documents on my table though, its much better than before but I wish I will figure a better way to make it look more excellently organized.

2. To automate and simplify process. F/up. This is related to work and life in general. Not there yet.

3. Update CV and check current market. F/up. this is updated, just have not apply.

Business goal:
F/up: Still figuring out what to sell and how to sell? So many people is selling Costume jewelry already.

Lady Pearl:
1. To schedule for service and maintenance.
2. Buy the seat belt holder accessories.
F/up: Oops sorry Lady Pearl, most probably this has to be done in one of the Saturday in Oct.

Income Tax: (Man, this part is annoying)
Request info and document from HR - done in July 2013
To print out the necessary documents and compiled into a file.
To schedule and meet up with the income tax officer.Get this resolve quick!!! 
Income Tax Officer requested some supporting documents -done and email to them.
F/up: all the above is done, wow I cannot believe I have done this part. Woo hooo! the most headache part is settled.

Prepare a checklist of what needs to be prepare for the next year tax declaration. Have boxes with key categories for you to dump your receipts into. Check which one is priority.
F/up: Mmmm what's the best way to sort this and wont mess up my room? 

Time for Family and Friends:
Godmom, bring her to 'Steam Room' restaurant. I find it very nice.
Great, after so many months I am finally meeting them on 29 Sept, Sunday lunch time woo hoo.

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