Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Life Tracking List

Household matter:
1. Mosquitoes, please move out. I hate to kill you.

1. Please sleep early, at least before 12am. Need to rest the brain, contest coming soon okay!
2. Haircut - find a new style that is nice for me.
3. Go facial - it's been a long time I didn't go.
4. Swimming - try to go at least once a week for now. I know you not use to routine, but you have to try okay! for your own good, please do it!

Next for Personal Development:
Communication & Writing skills:
1. Complete my speech 9 - target date 26 Aug
2. Complete my speech 10 - target date 23 Sept
3. I really need to read the books I bought. Must finish reading at least 1 this month.
1. Find out , find out , find out whats going on. How the market behave and how US movement impact us. He is telling me something, I kind of understand something, but not able to relate in totality. Seriously, I have to understand, that is the road to be rich & I should find out and understand it.
2. Start tracking all the identified stocks via Bloomberg charts. Post it on the cardboard you bought, I mean you bought it long time ago. What the hell its doing on standing at the side of the wall on the floor?
3. Find out the charges through the new source given. I got a feeling the broker doesn't seems to be telling me the whole thing that I should know. Better invest manually online since the rates are way cheaper.

1. To have a neat and organized table suits to my flow of work.
2. To automate and simplify process.
3. Update CV and check current market.
I will not have a long employment, I will be rich soon.

Lady Pearl:
1. To schedule for service and maintenance.
2. Buy the seat belt holder accessories.
Income Tax: (Man, this part is annoying)
Request info and document from HR - done in July 2013
To print out the necessary documents and compiled into a file.
To schedule and meet up with the income tax officer.Get this resolve quick!!! 
Prepare a checklist of what needs to be prepare for the next year tax declaration. Have boxes with key categories for you to dump your receipts into. Check which one is priority.

Sweet! That's all for now. It's 11:29pm. Shut down now! Zzzzzz.......

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