Monday, November 28, 2011

Fullmoon Party, a seashore party

CC 3rd Assignment
Speech Title: Oh Yeah! My Fullmoon Party

Many times ,my friends bragged about their great beach party experience.
International and Thai DJ's makes the crowd dance and go wild. Many people paint their bodies in UV colors. The DJ's play all kinds of music; Techno, Trance, Goa, Drum n Bass, Dub, Reggae, "commercial hits", House etc on about 15 sound systems along Haad Rin beach.

The beach party, equipped with small tables where you can sit down with your friends or meet new ones from all over the globe. Drinks and food can be ordered from the restaurants and the bars along Haad Rin beach.

The desire to experience dancing at a beach with thousands of people from all over the world while enjoying the sea breeze became very appealing to me. My best friend, Quann, also shares the same enthusiasm as me, we decided to make it happen at Koh Panghan Island, in Thailand !

We stayed at a place that I got to know from bloggers websites, JB Hut, the place received good reviews from many travelers who have been there. When we arrived, a big Thai lady, name Madam Bella came to give me a big warm welcome hug. The place is not a 5 star hotel but it definitely made us feel at home. We stayed in a small house on top of a hill, over there is call “Bungalows”. A bungalow with flattering sea view.

I have so many interesting journey derived from various places within this beautiful island, but tonight I will be only focusing on my full moon party experience. We went to Haad Rin beach where the full moon party is. Our valuable items are well kept at the upper floor where Madam Bella and her family rest at night; we were told it is not safe to leave it at our bungalows during Full Moon party night.  All I have with me is 500Baht in my pocket.

The moment we got inside the Full Moon party zone, we were like “OH MY GOD!, OH MY GOD! , we are finally here!”

The first thing we do is “scanning”. There were plenty of pretty women over there and lots of hot looking women in bikinis. More interesting for us, is seeing so many handsome men and cute guys group at one place. Some are as macho and good looking as the Spanish movie star or Italian supermodels.

There are other attractions throughout the entire Haad Rin beach such as limbo but with stick on fire, people sliding down a huge slide lit up by massive fire lights and skipping ropes on fire which both of us was not keen to try but we just enjoy watching others having a go with it.

There were stands everywhere selling buckets of alcohol and people so drunk already. Both of us are social drinkers, hence we just ordered 2 bottles of Chang beers that night and I believe that is why we were among the many people that is sober throughout the whole party. At times during the party, I was dancing with my friends at the seashore and at some point I went up the tall platform dancing stage too.

Apparel shops, restaurants, pharmacy and clinics were still open at Haad Rin streets, a place within the Full Moon party zone. We spend most of our time there when we get tired of dancing.
Everything is chargeable, even to use toilets you need to pay 10 Baht. Some men did it the short and FREE way by peeing at the beach, even though there were many observers and paparazzi.

We were there till the next morning because Quann wanted to catch the sun rise view. I am so glad I agree with her. For us, it was the CREAM of the party, sitting at the beach together with thousands of people that came from all over the world admiring the dawdling transformation of sun rise. It was a remarkable feeling for both of us. It was a perfect way to end a beach party.

The sky brightened up but plenty people are still around partying at the beach. We left the place at 7am and slept through the whole afternoon in our bungalows.

That is the highlights I wanted to share about our trip to Koh Panghan island, for the Full Moon party.
I know a number of people who are interested to attend the full moon party but their worries just kept them away. Worries are like risk, it can be everywhere and anything; I just focus on minimizing it. Like for this trip, I have done my research and studied all the tips from bloggers. Learning from other peoples travelling experience helps me a lot, saving me time and money and I stayed at a comfortable place.

We were prepared for this trip, we follow the dos and don’ts list of full moon party such as just wear pants with pockets, better still the one with zip to protect your cash from falling out, do not go on bare foot because you can’t see the broken glass buried in the sand, don’t get drunk, don’t sleep on the beach and when you order drinks demand for sealed bottles or can drinks that have not been open yet and so many more tips available on the internet.

My overall cost for my trip was only RM 1,800. For 5 days 4 nights trip, it was really worth it.
In my opinion, it can be a safe and enjoyable trip if we choose to be. Worry should not stop you from travelling to new places.

You too can have a great Full Moon party experience. So who are interested to go with me to Koh Panghan Island end of this year?

Raise your hands !
Thank you :D

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