Sunday, October 12, 2008

Faith and hope

Something no matter how much I had tried to fight for it, crack my head and think of all ways to solve it, we still need the others cooperation and acceptance. Otherwise it would become an irritation to others for trying too much. What is ask for is something so simple, yet it doesnt guarantee anything. What is a strong feeling without trust, and the trust has been betrayed. Dissappointment is all there now. Still hoping and still asking god for help that there will be a glimpse of hope it is safe. I am a fighter, everything I achieve in my life I fight for it. I dont have things falls nicely on my lap. That is why I push and try too much in others opinion. But now I have to learn to relax and enjoy life better. Things I never know, I discover and try, if fear I try so that there will be no more fear of that strange feeling.

My fire never dies until someone put it off for me. If only tht someone also is a fighter, that would be nice. Somehow I felt I am the only one hoping for it, the hope is reducing day by day. Once I thought the session gave me hope, but not really, faith is faith no one can change it. If things can be change and wish for, then I would have gotten what I want.

I dont want to go where it hurts and I dont want hate to appear one day. We are afraid of the unknown. If only there is hope for us, we would like to see the light at the end of the tunnel please. Dear god, please help us! I got my criteria and that is so fulfilling, that is so sweet and been through hardship and good times with me, but somehow not strong enough when problem hit. please dont break down, not now, need to be strong. Fight for it please. Destiny & happiness is in our own hand. I never forget, you help me too through out my most toughest moment and that is why I am still with you.

Special day coming soon, would i be able to celebrate it with you? Dear god, please help us. I had a simple special day last year, now this year you are better than last year, please give me a special day that I can remember, I do deserve it. Dont let it be left alone.

What would the future be, we never know but we are following our mentor advice. How can things be so cruel, isnt it enough if both want it. In todays world, we became so fixated with status, money, pride ... but pride is not the only issue alone. The fruit is not ripe yet, I was told something needs time and I dont hav that much of the time to wait. I was told if I wait, there is no guarantee. Sigh... why cant things be more to how we want things to be...

Please fruit, please ripe soon, when you are ready maybe we have hope in future again... I adore the whole package, good or bad I accept. Fruit, will you do the same too?

Praying and hoping,

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  1. hi sun, i want you to know that I appreciate ur comment on my blog. thanks for checking out mine. :)
    BTW, i like your blogs too.:D
    Take care always sunnydreamer....