Monday, September 8, 2008

Release Letter Found...

Yeah I went to my old apartment and found my Kancil HLB release letter in my personal file, I didnt saw it the last time I search. I think must be after Jason told me the release letter comes in a small piece of white paper and I start to lookout for such criteria and its easier to spot now. I cant remember how the release letter look like cos it was 3 years ago and I never pay much attention to the content of the paper when I got it, I just put it into that personal file and it remain there ever since.

Anyway if he didnt tell me, I would have thought its my study loan receipt, looks similar. Such important paper but look so common and fragile. Thanks to him for telling me and luckily I kept my important documents in the file.

I also found my Bank Rakyat study loan documents, I can now make appointment with the bank officer and negotiate about my loan payment. Great...

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