Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pulau Perhentian Trip - Flora Bay Chalet

28 August 2008 night time around 10PM

We depart from KL Sentral almost 10PM, the KTM train was delayed for an hour, the train was suppose to reach at 8:30PM.

It was our first experience travelling on a train and we felt excited about it at first. I didnt really like the cabin bed cos I was not used to just sleep for many hours and do nothing. I probably would feel more comfortable if we have gotten the private room that has table, own sink and larger windows to look out. But it is interesting experience to go through. This picture is Wan checking out the curtains and buckling up the safety belts. There were 40 cabin bed in a coach. Travellers in the train seems decent, everyone just mind their own business.
It was first time for me in the train so I wanted to go explore everywhere in the train, but Wan thinks its not good to do that. Anyway eventually I manage to convinced him to go to the restaurant before we leave the train. When we reached there, he thank me for being so persistent about it, he was happy to sit down, sip his hot tea and have a larger view of the outside. At that time we talk about how he is going to achieve one of his goal to be a backpacker if he is that reserved. Then we laugh and concluded that is why I appeared provoke him to do things he wont do.... duhhhh..!

After travelling for 15 and 1/2 hours, we stopped at Tanah Merah and walk around a bit to search for more cab option, ok got one with no air-cond & cost about RM55 but Wan decided to gave him RM60 cos he is a nice old malay guy and honest. So another 1 and 1/2 hour taxi ride to Kuala Besut Jeti.

When we reach there we paid RM 10 for Marine Fees and then RM140 for return boat ride to and from Perhentian Island. (per person is RM35 1 way trip)
We were glad to be on the boat, knowing this is the last ride in reaching our destination.

Ok without wasting time we check in to Flora Bay Chalet. After checking the room, we decided to fill up the water on the pail first and left the windows open. The room is hot during the day and best to leave every door and windows open for a while. The chalet is only RM60 per night, so its good enough for us.

We went to Flora One restaurant for lunch, we were so hungry we ordered cheese omelette, coconut drink, fruit ice-cream, burger, hotdog & chips. Wan told me the whole thing cost about RM45. This restaurant is not the best.
We tried Tom Yam soup and pizza later that evening at Fauna Beach, that was really good. Pictures not with me, thats with another friend's camera.

We goofed around and snapped a lot of pictures.
I can totally switched off for a while if I want to, but something hanging in my head thinking about work. I just made up my mind and stop caring and start to think im on vacation. We were at the Perhentian Besar, I guess I would like to go explore the Perhentian Kechil next time. The island is beautiful in the evening.

to be continue...

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